Mauritius Foreign Company Registration

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Mauritius foreign company registration

Our service area: Mauritius foreign company registration, formation or incorporation as law and process of the country

Manages business license, permissions of trading, branch office open

Guide on foreign direct investment policy (FDI),

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Mauritius Foreign Company Registration

Mauritius foreign company registration is applied under Company Act 2001 and financial-service-act-2007 .There are two types of companies incorporated as normal case:

1.Company holding a Category 1Global Business License (GBC 1)Generally called resident company.
2.Company holding a Category 2Global Business License (GBC 2)It is an offshore company.

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Requirement of company registration in Mauritius

    • Share holder will submit consent copy where share holders number of shares, qualification, paid up capital will be declared and this is basic requirement of company formation in Mauritius.
    • Additional require papers of company formation process are: Certificate of reservation, passport copy of directors, residence permit copy, directors address and address of secretary.
    • Download different forms

Company registration process in Mauritius

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Company registration process in Mauritius

Kindly follow step by step of company registration process in Mauritius:

  • As GBC 1 (Global Business Company 1)
  • Company name is used as following titles: Limited, incorporated, corporation
  • This category company is liable to pay tax of the corporation upon revenue;
  • Foreign branches are not allowed for trading under this company formation rules in Mauritius;
  • As company registration process in Mauritius GBC 1 category company can hold by minimum 1 director and 1 share holder;
  • Each company shall appoint one company secretary to meet requirement as company registration process in Mauritius;
  • Company can enjoy double taxation treaty and find treaty agreement countries list as foreign investors;
  • There is no capital gaining tax applicable under this company;
  • Generally authorized capital is US$ 1,000,000 for the companies where minimum 2 shares should be holding by the share holders;
  • Banking, insurance, reinsurance, investment and trust and fund management companies are restricted to incorporate business;
  • Company cannot offer public sharing as policy of company law being foreign investors;
  • Corporate tax rate starts from 0% to 3 percent and maximum 15 percent in some cases;
  • Companies are not liable to submit audit report under this category;

    Private limited company registration in Mauritius

    <img src="image/Private-Limited-company-registration-in-Mauritius.png" alt="Private Limited company registration in Mauritius"/>

    Private Limited company registration in Mauritius

    Under GBC 2, Global Business Company 2, online-submission-platform

  • Those Mauritius are offshore companies not allowed to start business in Mauritius
  • Bank, insurance, reinsurance, fund, investment, trust business are not allowed private limited company registration in Mauritius under this category
  • Private limited company registration in Mauritius under GBC2 category foreign owners can hold 100 percent ownership
  • No local directors are required to meet company registration in Mauritius
  • To incorporate GBC 2 Company’s one director and 1 share holder is sufficient to meet requirement
  • GBC 2 Company cannot enjoy double tax treaty under GBC 2
  • Company authorized capital is US$ 100,000 generally issued where one director is least to meet requirement of company incorporation in Mauritius
  • Paid up capital of company can be any number as US Dollar 1
  • Each company shall have registered address of business;
  • Corporate Tax rate is zero where no need to submit annual return to government;

    Banks for non resident in Mauritius

    As normal procedure to open bank account owners seek reliable banks as below:

  • Mauritius Commercial Bank
  • Bramer Bank Mauritius
  • Bank One Mauritius
  • HSBC Mauritius
  • Bank of Baroda Mauritius
  • Standard Chartered Bank Mauritius
  • ABC Banking Corporation Mauritius
  • Indian Ocean International Bank
  • Habib Bank
  • Banque des Mascareignes
  • Barclays Bank
    Company registration service, fee in Mauritius

    Do not hesitate to contact us for any guide line of company registration service, fee in Malaysia as foreigner.

1. feeGBC1 FeesUS $ 6800
2.feesGBC 2 FeesUS$ 1500
  • Annual fees: contact us to know.Additional information of Mauritius foreign company registration- formation process:
  • Non residence shall apply for permission of working and investor or employment visa to the authority;
  • Government is flexible on overseas investors to establish fresh corporation in different sectors where they wish within law;
  • Garments, Textiles, Technology, Mineral and some other sectors are preferred by the non citizens to investment;
  • Freely generate revenue is allowed by government as non residence entrepreneur;
  • Free Zone is open to begin manufacturing and services organization with enjoying tax free method;
  • Banks of Mauritius friendly and familiar with non national corporation;
Time line of company registration in Mauritius
1.Time Line2 weeks, maximumGBC 1
2.Time Line4 weeks, maximumGBC 2

Branch Office Open in Mauritius

  • There are different approval papers of the mother corporation with attested by embassy;
  • Meeting decision from sponsors ;
  • Power is authorized a person who shall proceed taking liabilities in favor of mother organization;
  • About more a month (4 weeks ) might needful to complete registration process;
  • Permission to opens liaison business is given from related ministry in Mauritius;

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