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Morocco Foreign Company Registration-Incorporation

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Morocco Foreign Company Registration-Incorporation

Our service area: Morocco foreign company registration-incorporation as law and process;

  • Manages business license, permissions of trading, branch office open
  • Guide on foreign direct investment policy (FDI),
  • Prepare accounts ,audit, income tax and financial advisory in Morocco.

Morocco Foreign Company Registration-Incorporation

Step by step guide line of Morocco foreign company registration-incorporation service:

  • Ensure institution Name , workplace, MOA, Papers notarized in Morocco Foreign Company Registration-Incorporation;
  • Trade authorization, VAT (Value added tax) and other permission is required to register a new private limited company in Morocco;
  • As Company Act, worth of each share is MDh 50 (fifty);
  • Corporate tax is 30 per cent;
  • Corporate VAT is 20 per cent as FDI;
  • Government of Morocco shows same honor to the non-residence investors like local businessmen;
  • Overseas entrepreneurs can invest any sector where they like;
  • Capital rising, declare dividend and any others non-national of Morocco can do so without restriction;
  • First five years tax exempted up to fifty per cent on non-domestic corporation;
  • 15 per cent dividend for enterprise;
  • Minimum shareholder , 1 (five)and max 12 (twelve) for JS;
  • Minimum share holders , 5 (five) for LLC business ;
  • Lowest share worth of money,(local)  100,000, LLC, remit as foreign direct investment policy;
  • It’s such a country where labor force can be utilized in production , promotion and service by lower cost which helps entrepreneurs generate revenue;
  • Credit , open account, purchase goods through banks are allowed here to expand trading;
  • Foreign employees hiring option is open too upon fdi terms and conditions;
  • Banks of this state are friendly to non-residence investors to cooperate them opening account or apply for credit;
  • Between two parties of Morocco and non-residence make an agreement to begin business together is called joint venture that is allowed as law of the country here;
  • We provide company registration service in Morocco for foreigner and our company registration fees is within budget;

Branch Office Open in Morocco

  • A variety of officially permitted instruments provided by government of the mother corporation with attested by embassy;
  • Meeting decision from sponsors;
  • POA in favor of main organization;
  • Around a month time may need to complete registration process;
  • Banks of the country encourage such offices to open account and get benefit banking with them;


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