Advantage to setting up business in Tunisia

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Advantage to setting up business in Tunisia

The whole idea of setting up a business in Tunisia may seem preposterous to some. I mean, its quite understandable why some people may have second thoughts about investing in this country. Its located in Africa, the economic conditions may not seem ideal, it has mostly gone under the radar among the FDIs and the government support may not be enough for a foreign investor to take Tunisia too seriously. However, despite all those problems, there are legitimate reasons to believe that Tunisia may just be the next trading center in Africa. Listed below are several advantage to setting up  business In Tunisia.

Self Dependent Workers-Normally a foreign investor would look into how skilled or trained the work force of a country is before they pull the trigger on the investment. In the case of Tunisia it is slightly similar but in a completely different scenario. As it stands, the unemployment rate in Tunisia is quite bad. The young and upcoming workers have realized that the government isn’t exactly doing much to solve the unemployment issues. As a result, these workers have decided to take matters in their own hand. They are trying out new things, they are willing to push limits to get a job and they are focused on retaining whatever job opportunity they get. This becomes a major factor in getting foreign investments in Tunisia. Why? Because this means the business set up by the foreign investors and companies will have a strong pool of determined workers who are willing to work extremely hard to earn a living. Productivity will not be an issue from these works which is basically one of the strong suits of a good business.

Blooming Private Sector-As mentioned earlier, the government of Tunisia isn’t exactly doing much to help improve the economic conditions of the country. The public sector hasn’t seen much progress and people are losing faith in it. As a result, the private sector of Tunisia has seen a steady but impressive bloom. More and more private companies are setting up and they are actually doing very good. This has seen the small economic progress which will eventually grow even more. The reason why this point is good for foreign investors is because it means the economy has potential to grow and privately owned enterprises such as FDIs can work effectively in Tunisia.

Consumer’s Enthusiasm- The most important factor about a business is the market in which it will be operating in. Without a solid market, the business will surely fall no matter how well run it is. One thing about Tunisia is that the people are willing to try out new things. They have a great deal of hunger for innovation and are eager to see improvements and open to new ideas. This works just fine for people looking to set up their business in this country. Tunisia is a lesser developed country and thus a lot of things which are common in the western part of the world are still not available in Tunisia. This means that with proper investments from the foreign companies and individuals, newer ideas can be implemented in this country. And since the people are open to new ideas there will always be a considerable size of a market to cater the products and services to. In fact, these ideas do not have to be something already in existence; they can be brand new too. Foreign investors can invest in some local startup as well and watch them expand and do well. That can be extremely beneficial for such investors as well.

Trade Agreements- It is always vital for a country to engage in trading activities so that the local market can thrive beyond the national borders. Tunisia has one such trade agreement which was signed in the year 1995 in July.  This was the Association Agreement signed with the EU. But apart from that Tunisia has trade agreements with neighboring countries such as Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Egypt, and Jordan too. This means that anyone setting up their business in Tunisia can effectively enter these other African markets and expand their business in another nation too. This will eventually lead to more revenue for the companies and increased sales of goods and services.

Inflation: While many people may argue that inflation is not good for the economy, it is great news for business people in the short term. As it stands, Tunisia has an inflation rate of 6% and it may increase in the future. It also means that products and services are priced at a higher rate compared to the neighboring countries. It is a good opportunity for people to invest in Tunisia right now because the high prices mean more revenue for the company and that can only be a good thing.

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