How to register a limited liability company in Tunisia

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How to register a limited liability company in Tunisia

Will you ask how to register a limited liability company in Tunisia as foreigner,  then read please? Tunisia is one of those African countries that have gone under the radar for a couple of decades. Most people do not consider this country as the place to conduct business in. However, in recent times, the country has seen gradual developments and their economy is slowly growing. For all that, the international companies and foreign investors are taking notice of Tunisia. They now see this African country as one of the prime places to do business in. But as is the case with almost every country, doing business requires the company to be registered in the country first. Listed below are some of the requirements of registering a limited liability company in Tunisia step by step:

Deposit the capitalStep One:  – The first and foremost step of registering a company in Tunisia requires the foreign investors to deposit the capital in a bank account. The account name should be the same name as that of the company that is going to be registered. This account will be a special kind of bank account. Once the business starts its operations then the special bank account can be turned into a regular account.
Register the Articles of AssociationStep Two: – The second step of registering the limited liability company in Tunisia is to register the Articles of Association. This is done with the tax administration in Guichet Unique desk. The agency tasked with doing such work is the Industry Promotion. The requirement for such registration is ten original copies of the articles of association. Out of these ten copies, two of them will be kept by the tax administration and six will be kept by the company for future work. Two copies should be deposited to the court officer and one will go to the Tax Control Desk.
File a declaration of existenceStep Three: – The next step involves declaring the company’s existence with the Tax Control Desk. Once again the Tax Control Desk is responsible for handling such work. The need for such a declaration includes the following;

  • A printed signature form.
  • All the registered copies of the articles of association.
  • A copy of the nomination for all the managers.
  • Copies of the national identity cards of the managers mentioned above. If the manager is from a different country then their passport copies will do as well.
  • Copy of the rent agreement signed between the company and the owner of the premises on which the head office will function on.
  • All the copies of administrative authorization those are required to start the business.
  • A copy of the APII declaration.
  • The bank receipts of the capital account of the company.
Document submissionStep Four: – Any company that is going to be registered will have to submit several documents. In order to register a limited liability company in Tunisia, the following documents need to be submitted at the Greffe du Tribunal.

  • Two copies of the registered statues.
  • Two copies of printed forms that have been provided by the office for the depositors to complete and sign on to.
  • The minutes that nominate the managers of the organization.
  • Documents which contain the headquarters address. There should be two copies of this.
  • National identity card or passport copies of the managers.
  • Fiscal stamp.
  • Two copies of the national identity card as well as the professional identity card of the auditor.
  • Two copies of bank receipt.
Register for social SecurityStep Five: – The fifth step of registering a company in a Tunisia involves registering for social security. This can be done via the National Social Security Fund. Every single company is expected to register with the National Social Security Fund.
File a declaration with the labor inspectorateStep Six: – The declaration made with the labor inspectorate is a crucial step in registering a company in Tunisia. This particular step must be done by the company founders. They are expected to file with the labor inspectorate three dated and signed copies of the declaration. This declaration should include the following;

  • The name of the company. The type of business they are going to be engaged in. The address of the office and their headquarters.
  • The name of the company’s manager. It should include the manager’s age, nationality and address.
  • The social security affiliation number.
  • The number of the permanent positions available at the time of declaration. The name, age, nationality and the skills of the employees.
  • All the general information of the foreign workers employed by the company.
Company SealStep Seven: – Our information will help foreign investors to find answer how to register a limited liability company in Tunisia? Every company needs a company seal which shall contain the company logo and name. This should be made while registering the company. It can be made by any third party seal maker inside or outside the country.


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