Bangladesh branch office open

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Bangladesh foreign branch office open, liaison permission or representative office in Bangladesh

Our service area: Bangladesh branch office open of foreign parent company;

  • Branch, representative, liaison office set up permission from BOI, BEPZA (free zone area);
  • Work permit and directors visa;
  • Income tax and audit service

Bangladesh branch office open

Actual procedure to permission of such office is given below:
  • Forward an application to BOI (Board of Investment), under office of Prime Minister of Bangladesh filling up all blank fields, collect prescribe form from BOI office or our office;
  • Name of the business shall be permitted according to parent organization adding like branch office of XYZ PTE LIMITED, (name of country);
  • Be prepare following attested papers from embassy of Bangladesh and notarized where parent enterprise is located:
  • Incorporation certificate of the company
  • MoA and AoA of the main corporation
  • Board meeting resolution to setup liaison office
  • Accounting / audit report of the year
  • Provide business activities of the parent organization  with letter head to open branch office;
  • Expected date of beginning procedure in Bangladesh branch office open;
  • Expected initial expenditure information fill up in prescribe form of BOI;
  • Mention in application form source of financing for such office establishment ;
  • Power of Attorney of the lawyer or attorney or legal representative who shall responsible to forward all required papers according to instruction and managing permission to open branch office;
  • Ensure US Dollar 50 thousand (fifty thousand) to remit in business bank account in Bangladesh; provided that 5 per cent additional charge shall be applicable if said amount is not transferred by 2 (two) months from the date of permission;
  • Do not forget to fill up corporation name, contact detail of origin corporation in application form of BOI;
  • Mention period of permission is application for;
  • Enclose office rent or lease documents;
  • Enclose  foreign man power list in letter head , provided that , keep proportion as one foreign employee is equal of five local man power and mention remuneration and designation of the employees; provided that, remuneration figure has been fixed and varied as country base, collect the list from BOI or our office;
  • Do not need news paper advertisement in terms of such liaison or branch office permission;
  • Permission letter shall be issued to attention of Country Manager with 18 terms and conditions those must be obeyed to follow;
  • Permission is given for 2 (two years) initially, average, provided that given period and every conditions depend upon authority;
  • Do not forget to apply before two or three months of period ending to renew the permission along with required papers;
  • Branch or,  liaison office is NOT applicable for taxation (tax free), provided that , such permissible office shall submit annual income and expenditure account compiling audit to income tax (NBR) and get a clearance letter of submission;
  • Must take advice from us before opening bank account here because all banks are not familiar with such account;
  • Preserve all required papers two copies with attested and notarized as mentioning above submitting to Bangladesh Bank as requirement in Bangladesh branch office open;
  • Collect form 18B from central bank (Bangladesh bank) to withdraw the remit amount in Bangladesh branch office open ;
  • Remit amount is allowed to use ONLY for carry on operation purpose in Bangladesh branch office open-liaison or representative ;
  • No single money can transfer to mother country from said transferred amount;
  • Permission shall be taken from Bangladesh bank in case of access amount is received or remain in bank your account those need to remit in parent corporation;
  • Additional permission is required from Home Ministry to Bangladesh branch office open;
  • Income tax shall be applied on the project base entity or office opening in Bangladesh, provided that all 18 terms and condition have to follow by the branch office of foreign parent companies;

Branch/ Liaison office open/ registration form Bangladesh

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Branch office Bangladesh

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