Business License in Bangladesh

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Business license in Bangladesh

Without business license in Bangladesh no foreign investors are permitted to start any business in Bangladesh.  The following business license in Bangladesh is required to start a new business: 1. Company Registration 2. Trade License 3. Income Tax 4. VAT license 5. Import/ export license 6. Fire License 7. Building Plan Approval 8. Manpower 9. Factory Setup License 10. Ministry Permission 11. BOI/ BEPZA permission

Private Limited Company Registration

Without limited liability company no foreign investors are allowed to start a business in Bangladesh. Company incorporation is the first business license in Bangladesh as requirement. Condition of registering incorporation:

·         Minimum 2 (two) partners

·         Any amount of paid up capital

·         100 percent foreign ownership is allowed

·         Business address should be in commercial building

·         Bank certificate is required to register foreign ownership company

Trade LicenseManaging trade license from city corporation or local government office is second step. Provide supporting papers:

·         Passport copies

·         Application and photos

·         Tenancy agreement

Income Tax CertificateApply by online and provide physical passport copy before income tax officer to verify and issue certificate.
VAT LicenseAs business license in Bangladesh, VAT license is needful for all corporations. The following papers are required:

·         Bank solvency certificate

·         Application form

·         Tenancy agreement

·         Registration certified copies

Import/ export licenseExport or import license is required for the exported and/ or importer. The following papers are required as business license in Bangladesh:

·         Company certified copies

·         Trade License

·         Tax and VAT license

·         Membership from chamber of commerce

·         Government fees

Fire LicenseTo setup factory as business license in Bangladesh, this is mandatory one. You need to provide the following papers:

·         Land/ building plan

·         Company registration certified copies and trade license

·         VAT and tax license

·         Fire materials / machineries purchase copies

·         Bank deposit

RAJUK/ Local building planTo start a factory, RAJUK or local authority permission is required. Supporting papers are:

·         Land ownership copies

·         No objection certificate to setup factory

·         Pre-plan pass (architecture)

Factory machineryFactory machine (s) purchase copies have to provide to authorities to setup factory.
Factory manpower permissionIts need a permission from government manpower department in certain areas to setup a factory. All above obtaining papers have to provide them to be approved.
Ministry or concern department  permission as business categoryAs requirement of business license in Bangladesh, some employers have to take no objection or other permission from concern department, for example: Telecommunication, Chemical, Education, Agriculture, Property developer, Transport, Health and so on.
BOI or BEPZA permissionAdditional requirement of business license in Bangladesh is BOI/ BEPZA permission. This permission is required for opening branch/ representative office of foreign parent company and work permit and / or business/ employment visa. In case of setting up factory in income tax free areas BEPZA permission is required.

Licensing in Bangladesh pros and cons

How many days are required to approve Private Limited Company Registration?Ans: 7-30 days
How many days are required to obtain Trade License?Ans: 4-7 days
How long takes for Income Tax Certificate?Ans: 1-2 days
How long may need for VAT License?Ans: 5-7 days
How long takes for Import/ export license?Ans: 7-10 days
How long might need for Fire License?Ans: 10-30 days
How long may need for RAJUK/ Local building plan?Ans: 30-60 days
How long may need for Factory machinery?Ans: 7-15 days
How long may need for Factory manpower permission?Ans: 2-5 days
How long might required for Ministry or concern department permission as business category?Depend, might be longer…
How long may need for BOI or BEPZA permission?

-Branch office: 30-45 days

-Work permit: 15-30 days

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