FAQ-Company registration in Bangladesh

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faq-company registration in Bangladesh as foreigner

Many questions ,FAQ-company registration in Bangladesh as foreigner are asked by the foreign investors. Our FAQ will bear answer of your questions to set up new business in Bangladesh.

1. Why USD 50,000 is required in terms of Foreign Investment in Bangladesh ?

As rules of government , Foreign Investors have to remit minimum USD 50,000 in terms of inward remittance, business Visa, foreign employment Visa, official expenses & other.

2. Do the Foreign Branch office is Tax exempted or do not ?
Yes, Foreign Branch/ Representative/ Liaison office is out of Tax Payer in Bangladesh but they need to submit Tax return ONLY, yearly. As FAQ-Company Registration in Bangladesh, project base branch offices have to pay taxes as income tax ordinance.

3. What is Encashment certificate? Is is necessary to incorporate the foreign company (100 own/ JV) ?
Yes. Encashment certificate is required to incorporate the foreign company in Bangladesh. Encashment certificate is issued by bank as PAID UP/ INVESTMENT amount of the company.

4. What is the ratio of man power of Foreign Company (100% own, JV, Branch office) ?
As FAQ-Company Registration in Bangladesh, in case of hiring foreign man power ration follow: 1 : 5 , mean, One Foreign Employee is equal of Five local employees.

5. Is BOI permission required to start foreign business in Bangladesh?
No. it is not required always. BOI permission is required for PI & E Visa, remittance & others. But in case of Joint Venture (JV) company foreign investors can start business by incorporation certificate & Trade License.

6. Can expatriate transfer the profit to the mother / own country from Bangladesh ?
Yes, they can do so by the approval of Bangladesh Bank.

Company registration in Bangladesh as foreigner

7. How longer takes time to complete all procedure of company registration in Bangladesh?
Except branch/ rep/ liaison office it takes almost 30 days to complete all procedure of company registration in Bangladesh. Because all foreign applications are placed before the meeting of Board of Investment which usually held once in a month. All applications for permission of foreign branch office are placed before the meeting of BOI with all required documents for approval.

8. How longer will be allowed to pay the amount of USD 50,000 after permission of Branch Office?
Almost 2 (two) months. If failed to bring the said amount in the period the applicants have to carry extra charge 5 % each month.

9. Can branch office transfer the profit in mother country?
No. branch/ rep/ liaison offices are not allowed to transfer any profit & branch offices are not allowed to do business in Bangladesh.

10. How to obtain Tax Certificate as nonresident in Bangladesh ?

Before new limited company registration in Bangladesh as foreigner entity trade owners are allowed to obtain Tax Certificate (TIN). As being require document to proceed of business incorporation, provided that original passport copy have to show before the tax authority, NBR. As FAQ-Company Registration in Bangladesh, new foreign investors/ directors do NOT need TIN (Tax Identification Number).

11. How to incorporate garments, textile, clothing, buying house business in Bangladesh?

As normal rules as FAQ-Company registration in Bangladesh as foreigner or joint venture limited corporation through RJSC provided that setup textile industry additional permission is required from other ministry.

12. Where is Export Processing Zone in Bangladesh (BEPZ) ?

First three years 100 percent tax exemption, Fourth year to sixth year fifty percent exemption and  next one year 25 percent exemption with duty free import some materials, BEPZA

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