Small business ideas in Bangladesh

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Small business ideas in Bangladesh

As newspaper report of Bangladesh, 11 lac (more than one million) educated people are unemployed. Neither employees are (job seeker) happy for salary nor employers are happy to appoint unskilled and imperfect people. I shall not go to find the reason of such situation. Rather inspire the young people to reduce unemployment scenario.  Why do not you start small business! You have spread, talent, capability of taking small risk, bright future for your next generation. Why are you dependent on job! Let giving example, you have 10 years experience on particular job and your current salary is Taka 100,000 or 100,000 (+-). When you will retire from job your child will start from the beginning as Jr. Executive like you (10 years back). The same hard working will have to do your son/ daughter. Besides, private job is not secured at all.  No performance, fire!

Why do not you start small business! Today’s small business will be bigger after 10 years if you utilize your talent, patience, time, knowledge and money. Your son/ daughter will not have to start carrier as Jr. Executive. They will take a good position of Chair and happy rest of life. A good business never dies. Grandson becomes proudly run business of Grandpa.

A few number of small business ideas are discussed below:

Fast food: As small business ideas in Bangladesh new entrepreneurs can start fast food shop. If you can find a good location near official area, crowd area, business area etc can setup small fast food business. You can offer discount/ free for certain period for the regular customers. Apply different marketing policy to connect the customers.

Coffee shop: There are some popular names of Coffee as Espresso, Cappuccino, Americano, Caffe Latte, Caf au Lait, Caf Mocha, Caramel Macchiato and may have other names of coffee. However, you can focus coffee that is more choice able by customers. After a certain period, multiple coffee shops can be opened in different areas under your brand name. Remember, business is nothing but ideas.

Restaurant: Location, I mean search a wonderful location to start restaurant business. Location can be at crowd area, business area, near or inside of shopping mall etc. Ideas of location can be Gulshan, Uttara, Dhanmondi, Motijheel etc in Dhaka. As suggestion you can do the following: keep enough space to display your food items, make the restaurant clean, no smoky for cooking, good manner of staffs, clean dish, lots of VORTA items, different rice items and curry & vegetable items. Offer discount and make membership with the regular customers.

Online Marketing & SEO: As small business ideas in Bangladesh now I shall discuss on SEO and online marketing.It’s a gentle business can start with small team if you are expert on this field. Marketing of any product or service depend on online in this generation. Because most of the people active in online  and use Facebook, YouTube, Internet Browse, Email etc as communication media. Online marketing is cheaper than off line (new paper) marketing. SEO, Search Engine Optimization of Google works on multiple policy and as so when search people in Google one name comes first then 2nd, 3rd …and 10, mean total almost 10 items are appeared if search particular product or anything.  Who appear at first of 10 is selected to have look and read inside. Who search 2nd page, 3rd page and next to find necessary information from Google browser? Do you know why one come first and why one goes at number 10 of first page? Learn from here:

Used goods sell: This is very good small business ideas in Bangladesh now a day. You can purchase lots of used goods and sell them by online. In that case, you can open online selling goods by attractive design  web site. There are different types of price can choice as desired. In additional you can sell them by free advertisement with

and many more sites are available to publish free advertisement.

Garment goods sell: Bangladesh is one of the leading countries of the world on garment products. Many small and medium businesses have been established base on garment sectors. Small and medium enterprises supply raw materials, needle, cotton, Pin, Jeep etc necessary goods to complete cloths.

Buying House: Lots of buying house enterprises are located in Baridhara, Dhaka, Mirpur, Chitaggong and may have some other places. Buyers (expert) who contact the foreign buyers to get order of cloths deliver as their demand. Buyer (expert) knows the price of cotton, quality of cotton, making cost and ins and outs of garments goods. They (expert) get a quotation from foreign buyers upon agreement of delivery of goods. Once agreement is made expert contact the garments factory to make the requirement complete. It’s another small business ideas in Bangladesh.

Professional service: Educated people can start professional service business like HR consultancy and training, income tax service, audit service, legal service, business consultant, risk management, financial consultancy, engineering and many more.

Virtual Trade: As our suggestion of small business ideas in Bangladesh you can start trading business. To start trading business need capital and channel. Let, you are starting rice business in Bangladesh. Collect information of rice selling price in multiple places (districts) where rice is more produced. Buy the goods (rice) at low cost and sell them in place where price is higher (Dhaka). You can do same business sitting in your home town. Like that, many other businesses can start (corn, chicken, cattle, wheat) appointing small number of staffs and low investment. Strong communication, reliable partner and tie with healthy people are necessary to start such small business in Bangladesh.

Super shop: To start super shop business is costly, then how it can be a small business! Start a super shop in one place at first. Pay full attention on business, hard work, hire smart staffs and make customers happy. After then, open one another branch or sell franchise to multiple places upon agreement with franchise buyers.

Skill Training: HR training, Tax Training, Engineering, Computer, IT training and many more training center businesses is good enough to earn money in Bangladesh.

Fisheries: The young people who are seeking job are suggested to start fisheries business in Bangladesh. Take a short or long training from Local Government Fisheries Department on Fisheries. Bengali people live on fish. A lot of ponds & Cannels are available in Bangladesh those are suitable for this business. You may start such business as small business ideas in Bangladesh.

Poultry Farm: Small business ideas in Bangladesh:This is another smart business has been booming in Bangladesh. Eggs, chicken and food of chicken are very good business. Take training before start such business and talk with multiple numbers of poultry businessmen to collect information and gather good knowledge on this business. But yes, poultry farm location should be near high way or inside of good communication area where heavy weight trucks or vehicle can easily enter into your farm to drop goods and pick up goods as well.

Online book: Small business ideas in Bangladesh: Do you have idea how many people of Bangladesh use online? Though we have noticed hobby of reading books are going down gradually. But, some others the number is not small fond of reading books till now. Many book worms are alive in Bangladesh. To purchase books from book shop, Nilkhet, Shahbag etc in Dhaka city, area is matter of time. It takes time to find the good books as well. And desirable books are not found in one stall. So, build up a website or apps where plenty of books can be published for the readers by lower budget than physical books.

Online cloth sells: its new business in Bangladesh. People are starting to sell cloths by online. Ladies dress, kids, fashionable items, gents T-Shirt, Pangabi etc are preferable items to sell by on line.

Website, e-commerce, App development: It’s growing business in Bangladesh to develop e-commerce site, forum, Q &A, webpage, apps and etc. Business owners are getting flavor of using apps now a day. But its need more awareness of advantage of uploading apps. Selling products are easier now a day by apps. The figure of android users is not small in Bangladesh.

E-commerce: Goods seller can build E-Commerce site to increase number of sale. To build e-commerce site can visit here to get a quote to develop e-commerce site.

Export/ Import: Its always one of the good business. Goods can export to those areas where demand and purchase from where same goods are available have. Import goods of Bangladesh are Chocolates, Bags, Vehicles, Computers, Mobiles, Cosmetics, Motor parts and etc. Example of export goods are Cloths, Beverage items, Prawn, Crab, Cement and others. It is always category of small business ideas in Bangladesh and any other country.

 Kids shop: This is very good business if you can start. Your preserved items can be baby clothes, shoes, toys, small vehicles, by cycles, small motor etc. Parents prefer to purchase goods for the kids to make them happy. You may not have idea how fantastic business it is! You may visit some kids shop located in Dhaka getting ideas before start own business.

Digital farming: From the ancient village people live on farming. Farming system has been changed now a day. There are different types of rice, Rabi crops, Fisheries, Hatcheries, vegetables and some other business can start as smart business. You can change your destiny starting a small business in Bangladesh.

Tourism: People of Bangladesh enjoy vacation in Cox’s Bazar,  Jaflong, Sylhet, Bandarban, Rangamati, Saint Martin, Sundarban and some other places. You can offer a package of tour to multiple spots by reasonable cost that is lower than individual visit cost. Appoint guide to comfort the tourist for seeing the places and enjoy each moment. You can add music band to keep relax and book a good hotel and overcome every steps smartly as business man. You can start promoting by online about your business.

Student counseling: Education rate in Bangladesh is growing up massively than previous years. But it’s matter of sorry that very few students are good learner. It’s truly speaking actual education standard is at the bottom. This is why the employer is not getting right person and the employee is not getting good remuneration. To develop education standard there is no alternate of proper learning as student. Very few higher educated people are working in foreign country in good position from Bangladesh. Because they are not eligible for the fighting with international staffs at foreign job market. However, as considering poor education system many healthy parents are thinking to study abroad for their children. Education counseling is a good business in Bangladesh if you are capable to start business.

School:  Kinder garden school, English medium school, art school, secondary school of any medium business is the most successful business in Bangladesh. There are two profits to start a school business, one: honor, Two: Financial benefit. Owner of school keep good relation with the local house owners of surrounding area. They get opportunity to introduce with popular persons of this area. Profit might start from the year of 4th or 5th of establishing school.

Home made goods: Home made Achar, Chatni, different types of salt, Ghee, Milk made goods, Pitha, Jeli, Chips and many more products are made and sold in market commercially. You may need BSTI certificate and trade license to sell them in market for consumer.  It’s a very good small business in Bangladesh. First time, you may start to contact with some shops and later on selling areas can be extended time to time.

Electric Goods import: TV, Freeze, Oven, Iron, Fan, Air Condition, Hitter, Sound Box, Mosquito killer and many more products can import from China, Malaysia, India, Japan and sell them in Bangladesh as whole seller or retailer. You may sell through distributer if you are imported directly.

Rice Supply: Now a day people of major cities find thin rice as good looking. Once it was cooked thin rice become fatty. Thin rice price is higher than fatty rice. Do you know why the rice consumers are cheated? Auto rice mill by what fatty rice become thinner after cutting. Consumer becomes cheated from market purchasing rice. Finding actual thin rice is tough presently. If you can supply actual thin rice in market and promote them correctly consumer may attract and start buying your rice. You may open own shops in multiple places as actual thin rice seller.

Other small business ideas in Bangladesh: Packaging, Printing, Cosmetics, Photography, Event Management, Fuska & Chatpati, International Courier, Iron recycling, dealership business.

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