Business Plan in Indonesia

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Business plan in Indonesia

One of the first things that an investor should do before starting a business is to create a business plan in Indonesia. No matter what kind of business it is, and which country the business is going to be set up, a business plan should be made. The same rule applies in Indonesia too when setting a business there. A business plan is essentially a blueprint of the business. It should contain every single detail regarding the company and the kind of business it wishes to be. Starting from minute details such as name of the company and the contact information to all other important stuff such as finance sector, management structure, marketing techniques and everything should be included.

The reason a business plan in Indonesia is made is to attract new potential investors in the company. It is also made to be submitted to the government officials so that they have an idea as to what kind of business is going to be set up before they give their clearance. It is of the utmost importance that a business plan should be made perfectly in order to start conducting the business in a country like Indonesia.

While business plans can be as long as 20 to 50 pages, they usually depend on the type of business in question and their goals. However, most of the business plan in Indonesia should have the following included as they are the most fundamental of things. The list includes;

  • The executive summary: As the name suggest, this particular section should have the entire business plan summarized in a few key points. The executive summary is a vital piece of the business plan as it should be precise enough to grab the attention of the people you are trying to persuade.
  • Business Overview: This particular section of the business plan in Indonesia should have an overall preview of the business itself. It should include things like the legal structure of the business. The business background along with the formation history. The type of business it is as well as the location it is situated in. The main means of conducting the business should also be mentioned such as internet, storefront operation and mail order and so on.
  • Operations Plan: In order to describe how the business intends on function the operations plan is included in the business plan in Indonesia. It should describe the physical setup of the company and mention who and what is responsible for each and every task associated with the business.
  • Market Analysis: Arguably one of the most vital parts of conducting a business, the market analysis should be done extremely thoroughly. This part should include the overview of the market the business is planning on entering. It should contain the target customers, the plans on selling the products and services, the analysis of what people want, the current trends in the market and how they may receive the new business and everything else related to it.
  • Products and Services: An investor and the government authorities will always be eager to know what kind of products and services the business wish to sell. They should be classified under different types of products. Every single product should have a small description to go with it for better understanding.
  • Sales and Marketing: One cannot engage in business activities without a proper selling and marketing plan. The prices of the products and services should be mentioned alongside the reason for such pricing. If the price was set at premium or if the business is following the market leaders. Marketing efforts to reach the customers should also be highlighted and marketing strategies should be made too.
  • Competitive Analysis: A newly set up business should be wary of the competition existing already in the market. Analysis their strengths and weaknesses should be important too. This sector should also include what are the things which separate your business from the rest.
  • Management – The management structure of a company is very important too. Investors in Indonesia and the government authorities will want to know the kind of structure the business follows. The section should include how many directors, assistants and secretaries are present in the business.
  • Financial Plan (sample plan): Arguably the part which will interest all the potential and existing investors is the financial plan. This part has to include all the financial information and everything related to finance including the equity and income and loss. There should be detailed explanations as to how the company is managing to finance the business and how much of it is spent on developing the business and how revenue is expected to generate. A future estimation should also be included as to how much money the business may need in the coming years and a profit forecast too.

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