Visa in Japan

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Types of visa in Japan

Visitors who are interested to visit in Japan, go through in a visa process is a must except the citizens of 67 noteworthy U.S.A, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore etc. Different categories of visas are available in Japan like

  • Diplomatic Visa
  • Official Visa
  • Working Visa
  • Temporary Visa
  • Transit Visa
  • General Visa
  • Specified Visa

The diplomats and officials of embassy are under this kind of visa segment which is considered long time visa validity by Japan Foreign Affairs Ministry. This kind of visa holders can stay in Japan ranging from 3 months to 3 years or they can get all privileges in whole time during the diplomatic assignments.

The next segment is covered by the working visa in Japan. The engineers or specialists in humanity of international services, skilled labors, and business managers are suitable to get this kind of visa. Besides, the personnel of legal and accounting services medical surgeons, researchers, instructors and entertainers are allowed to go with this kind of visa process. The interested people of stated above fields have to show their certificates or related documents, financial or sponsor approvals to apply for working visa in Japan.

Engineers who are working right now in the physical science, robotic fields, and natural scientific fields are eligible to apply for working visa. Additionally, need a university degree with 10 years’ professional experience are recommended. On the other hand, this kind of visa is available for people who are working in legal, economic and social fields as activists around the world together with a university degree and 10 years working experience. International service workers who have 3 year’s professional experience in the related fields like as translators, interpreters, language instructors, workers in public relation, agents of international trade, designers both fashion and interior fields, developers of product are allowed to go through this kind of visa process.

Multinational company workers who have been more than one year overseas experience for the company are allowed to apply for working visa in Japan. Besides cooking experts, architectures, civil engineers, trainers, specialists on sports and animal fields having 3 – 10 years’ professional experiences can also apply. Working visa is available for investors or business managers who are interested or have taken a big step to invest in Japan. It is required for them to show viable documents for office space, 5 million yen’s financial valid documents, and legal documents to the concerned authorities.

Artists, religious activists, journalists, researchers who are interested to go Japan, they have to show the documents or sample works regarding on their individual fields like painting, sculptures, photography, writings for artists, religious work’s sample for religious activists, signed contracts for journalists to apply for working visa. Normally the validity of working visa is 1 year to 3 year but varies for entertainers ranging 3 months to highest 1 year. Medical service visa is available for physician, dentists, pharmacists, public health nurse, and health technician. Initially they need to assemble all the required documents their selected categories (stated above). When authority approves all the documents, then the interested people should apply for visa Certificate of Eligibility (COE). After that, applicants must follow Status of Resident (SOR) and re – entry permit consecutively.

Temporary visa is available for temporary visitors like tourists, players; participators for seminar and conference are allowed to stay highest 90 days in Japan. Students who have temporary visa initially but tend to get a student visa later, need to contact with embassy and inform university authority for taking further step. Besides, students who are interested to get involved in the university of Japan, should bear in mind that part- time jobs are not allowed except some special permission. So, it is better to complete all the processing for student visa before starting his/her journey to Japan.

Designated activities, Long term resident spouse or child of national are the fields under specified visa process. The range of validity is 6 months to highest 3 years. If anyone is interested to live in Japan permanently, he /she should follow Permanent Resident Visa system. Those who are living in Japan over 10 years or more, eligible to apply for this kind of visa. Someone is considered as a Highly Skilled Professional (HSP) in Japan, has already passed 4 years and 6 months, now can apply for permanent visa. Those who have spouse of a Japanese national, can apply for this kind of visa after passing 3 years.

Now, move on to the visa – free entering in Japan. Those who have APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC), are valid and legal to enter Japan without visa processing, can stay 90 days. Besides, Japan Government has some special visa policy for some registered countries. Chinese and Philippines are allowed to apply for citizenship through a travel agent. The business people of Vietnam and India get the opportunity to enter Japan following some specified visa process which reflects the number of issuing visa like 139,236 people of Vietnam and 74,088 people of India issued visa in 2015. The highest number of people in China (6,372,948) issued visa for Japan according to the data of 2016.

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