Advantage of setting up business in Malaysia

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There are many advantages of starting a business in Malaysia. Malaysia is one of the top economic countries in South East Asia. The GDP of this country is increasing every year which make this country one of the hot zones of business.

In Malaysia, there are lots of business opportunities and advantage for foreign investors. Below now I am going to describe some advantage of setting up business in Malaysia which may inspire foreign investors.

Advantage of setting up business in Malaysia

Stable Economy

Malaysia is one of the stable economy countries in the world. The economic growth rate in Malaysia is over 5%. This result has attracted foreign investors and company to set up business in Malaysia. The growth rate is one of the reasons why Malaysia’s economy is stable. The more stable a country regarding the economy, the lesser investors and entrepreneurs face risks.

Educated Workforce

Malaysia’s working population has begun to pick up a considerable measure of validity from foreign organizations. This is because the workers of Malaysia are highly educated, and they acquire the skills that an organization requires to function correctly. The Malaysian workforce has become one of the important points among all foreign organization.

Pro-Active Government

Malaysia government is proactive which means that they support various types of business in Malaysia. The Malaysian government is working on a different thing to attract more foreign investors, to start a business in the country. However, the Malaysian government is also working to change the local organization into a world-class organization. More foreign investment in the country has transformed the country’s economy regarding business and the surroundings.

Improving infrastructure

In the last decades, Malaysia has made considerable improvements in its economy. Malaysian Government has made Malaysia one of the most developed countries in Asia by upgrading its infrastructure. The infrastructure of this country is steadily improving over time. Malaysia takes its infrastructure very seriously to operate and function businesses properly.

Business opportunity

Malaysia, a place of business, where lots of local and foreign businesses is established. Investors like to live in Malaysia with family and government has given them opportunity to live peacefully. However, the business success rate is higher in Malaysia if you can operate business smartly.

The corporate tax rate is 25 % for most of the business in Malaysia. There are lots of business consultancy firm in Malaysia, who can help you out with all legal issue for establishing business in Malaysia. S&F Consultancy is one of the best choose.

International connection

You may connect with other businesses setting up business in Malaysia. It’s noticeable that global business summit is held in Malaysia every year. Being businessman of Malaysia, you have the opportunity to introduce with multiple of people in the business that is an advantage to focus your business.

Labuan company setup

Labuan company is an excellent business entity that can be incorporate within a low tax jurisdiction. One of the best things of doing business on this island is most of the companies can also secure Malaysia employment visas.  Labuan was established 26 years ago as an international offshore financial and banking center.

Malaysia has tax breaks on Labuan Island, which suggests lower corporate tax rates by 3%. Labuan can be sold at a 25% tax rate (same as the local company’s tax rate) with a Malaysian company to trade or process the Labuan representative office.


For setting business in Malaysia, you need to have the right business plan. If you have a good business plan, no one can stop you from success. Though doing business is Malaysia profitable but getting business license in Malaysia is a bit tough. Don’t worry about getting a business license, S&F Consulting Firm is always there to help you out.

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