Business license in Malaysia

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Business license in Malaysia

As requirement of business license in Malaysia whether foreign or local investor has to get permission of new private limited company registration from government registrar companies. The following licenses are required to start business in Malaysia: SSM certified copies (Company Incorporation), WRT License, Import/ Export license, Halal License, SOSCO, EPF, Sign Board, GST and social security.

WRT LicenseApply to Ministry of Trade and Consumer along with supporting documents as below:
WRT license is required for the following businesses: Franchise, Consultancy, Retail and  Restaurant
License is renewal after 2 years.
As supporting documents business profile, phone, tenancy agreement and SSM copies are attached.
To obtain said license might need one to two months and may longer.
WRT license is must for foreign investors, 100% ownership. JV companies are exempted from requirement.
Premises Advertisement LicensePremise Advertisement License is made under Local government Act, Street & building Act & Legal advertisement Act
Liquor LicenseIt’s a common license that is applied by the following categories of businesses Hotel, Restaurant, Bar, Club-retail and wholesale.
Import LicenseImport license Act is formed by Custom Ordinance, 1998, Custom Act 1967. As supporting papers to apply for same are application form JK69 , SSM certificate, business profile and directors identity. Import license is required to be applied for heavy machinery, Daily product, iron steel, cable and chemical industry-Ministry of International Trade and Industry. Required time: 5-7 days
GST (Goods and Service Tax)Required supporting papers to apply of GST-01 form, SSM certificate, Local licensing certificate and Society registration number,
Employees InsuranceEmployee’s insurance benefit may require sometimes for the company and have to apply for insurance coverage.
SOCSO-Social Security OrganizationThis permission is required after registration new company and hiring manpower for the company considering physical rehabilitation benefit. Employer-SSM copies and Employee-Employee identity number.
EPFEmployer will apply Employees provident fund for financial benefit of the employees.
Act of business license in Malaysia
Sole Proprietorship and Partnership
  • Proprietorship business name is entitled as given name of proprietor
  • As partnership business partner’s number shall not be more than twenty.
Recommended business name and style
  • Business name is approved as under following rules, Registration of business rules 1965
  • Government bodies name shall be used word of Federal
  • Society shall use word of Chartered
  • Private limited company shall use SDN BHD
Steps of business license in Malaysia
  • Once company name is approved the following tasks have to cover:
  • Take signature on required papers from directors
  • Company Secretary will prepare memorandum & article of association
  • Company Secretary will fill up required Forms (MoA and AoA, Form 48 A, , form 44, form 24 and form 49)
Other business license in Malaysia as requirement
License authoritiesSSM, MIDA, Local authority, Ministry of Trade & Consumer, Department of Islamic Department Malaysia , SOCSO

Apply for WRT, Premise, SOCSO, Export, GST License

Ans: Normally 2-3 days and in case of delay 7 (seven) days.How long might need to get permission from SSM?

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WRT license application Malaysia

How long may need to get license of WRT?

Ans: Normally might require one to two months.

What type of employees will be benefit for SOCSO?

Ans: Full time and/ or part time worker (s).

How long might need to obtain export import license?

<img src="export_license.jpg" alt="Export license information Malaysia"/>

Export license information Malaysia

Ans: 5-7 days as normal policy.

How long may need to obtain sign board license?

Ans: Within short time, after verifying of local authority.

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