Company Registration Fees in Malaysia

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Company Registration Fees in Malaysia @ RM 500, 800, 1000 (wrong info)

We find many consultants online when search and information of company registration Malaysia, but very few of them have published company registration fees in Malaysia. Actually there are two types of fees charged invoice by the consultants, (1) Professional or consultancy Fees (2) Government fees.

Consultancy fees to register new company

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Company registration fees in Malaysia

Consultancy fees vary from consultant, expert, company secretary or adviser to adviser. We have noticed once invoice is sent to customers the following fee are charged:

Cause of feesAmount of charge
1.       Company SecretaryRM 1000-RM 2000/ Year
2.       Company RegistrationHave Look Attachment Picture
3.       LodgedRM 100-RM 200 once
4.       Nominee directorRM 500-RM 800/ yearly
5.       Office address useRM 100-RM 400/ month
6.       Annual Return FeesRM 300-RM 500/ year
7.       Board Meeting Resolution Preparation FeeRM 20-RM 50/ per meeting
8.       Printing chargeRM 10-RM 20/ each time
9.       AGM papers preparationRM 150-RM 300 once
10.   Bank account opening cooperationRM 500-RM 1000 once
11.   Share Holding Changes FeesRM 400-RM 400/transfer
12.   Secretary Chop/ SealRM 20- RM 50/ per chop
13.   MiscellaneousRM 100/ month
<img src="Malaysia_Name_Fee.jpg" alt="Company Name Reservation Fees Malaysia"/>

Company Name Reservation Fees Malaysia

You may find when search company registration fees in Malaysia are cheap, RM 800, RM 1000 and so on advertisement to attract the customers. Actually all are hidden except company registration fees as no. 2. Once consultant, adviser, company secretary is appointed to executive services of company registration an invoice is sent at the beginning. After registration a company another invoice is sent including most of above serial number fees to the customers. Small multiple numbers of fees stand together a big amount that is not published or discussed with the foreign investors at the beginning.

Secretary Fees
  • As law of Malaysia every company shall have one secretary to be appointed who is authorized person to contact the SSM/ MIDA.
  • Company Secretary Fee varies secretary to secretary.
  • Appointing reliable and honest secretary is lucky person.
  • Two types of Secretary are found (1) License Secretary (2) Secretary of Chartered member, both of them have right of practice on Company Law.
Board Meeting Resolution Fee
  • It’s a funny matter that to prepare board meeting resolution copy one fee is charged by Secretary although secretary is paid monthly/ yearly basis separately.
Secretary Chop Fee
  • Employer might need to verify certified or other papers from Secretary where additional fees are claimed for each chop.
Printing Fee
  • Sometimes certified copies or board meeting resolution copies or other necessary papers might be printed from Secretary Office those are not FREE.
Bank Account Open Fee
  • After completion of company registration formalities Foreign Investors have to open bank account. If the secretary fix a meeting with bank for customers (foreign investors) one fee is claimed.
Office Address Use Fee
  • Foreign investors unlike to rent an office until company is registered and for the short period they like to rent secretary or consultant office as business address. Virtual Office Rent fee vary consultant to consultant (s).
Miscellaneous Fees
  • Additional fee is claimed sometimes with selecting jobs.

SSM registration fees Malaysia

Now again I have question in mind why company registration fees in Malaysia is RM 800, RM 1000, RM 1500 and so on!! Foreign investment number is not small in Malaysia and I guess it’ ’more than local investment. If it’s so, why do we hide all financial information from the foreign investors who comes to invest in Malaysia? Not only company registration fee but other licensing fees are not shares also. As company registration certified copies from SSM is not enough permission to start a business in Malaysia as foreigner. What are the licenses required to start business considering type of business should advise to the foreign investor (s), customer (s) so that they may get clear picture before investment.

So, company registration fees Malaysia is RM 1000 only is not right information dear. Thank You

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