How to register a company in Malaysia

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How to register a company in Malaysia

Do you know how to register a company in Malaysia for foreigners? Company is registered by 3 ways:

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Partnership
  • Sole Proprietorship
Share Holding Structure Required Capital
2 foreign share holders RM 500,000 + WRT License
2 foreign share holders RM 1 million
1 foreign + 1 local share holder RM 350,000 (51% shares shall be holing by local partner)

Step by steps are discussed how to register a company in Malaysia for foreigners as 100% foreign ownership company and  joint venture.

How to register a company in Malaysia: How to register Limited Liability Company (LLC) Malaysia?
  • Contact with Consultant
  • Appointment of Company Secretary
  • Name Approval of new entity
  • Company Incorporation
  • Important section of Company Act 1965
  • WRT (Wholesale Retail Trade) License
  • Halal License
  • Income Tax Certificate
Contact with Consultant
  • As a foreign investor to contact and hire perfect consultant is major job. Usually foreign investor search consultant by online and select one from multiple of advisers in Malaysia. A good adviser/ consultant can save your money and time.
Appointment of Company Secretary
  • There is a law to appoint Company Secretary for each company in Malaysia. As so, you have to appoint Company Secretary, although Company Secretary is the responsible to forward your company registration papers for approval from SSM. Further information, Company Secretary has liability and limited responsibilities. They cannot matter of harmful of your company to run business. Besides, Company Secretary is changeable any time by decision of the directors of a company.
Name Approval of new entity( As our guide of how to register a company in Malaysia)
  • Each company has its own identity and recognized by name. So, name approval of proposed company is the first step of company registration. As company name policy, each company shall hold name as SDN. BHD. (Private Limited).
Company Incorporation( As our guide of how to register a company in Malaysia for foreigners)
  • Your Company Secretary shall prepare Memorandum and Article of Association (MoA & AoA). You as directors of a company will have to sign on some papers and forms (Form 24, 48 A, 44 and 49). All required papers are submitted by online to SSM with government fees.
Government Fees
Authorized capital Fees
Up to RM 100,000 1000 (thousand)
From 100,001-500,000 3000 (3 thousand)
From 500,001-10000000 10000 (10 thousand)
10000001-25000000 20000 (20 thousand)
Above of 100000001 70000 (70 thousand)
Address( As our guide of how to register a company in Malaysia)
  • To register a company in Malaysia an address is required. You may rent an office or may rent virtual office at low budget.
Time Line
  • To register Pvt. Ltd. Company in Malaysia require 3 to 7 days.
Important section of Company Act 1965( As our guide of how to register a company in Malaysia)



Section 14
  • Each company shall be registered as limited liability of shares or limited by guarantee.
  • There is minimum two directors required to register a new company in Malaysia.
Section 15
  • Maximum numbers of share holders are fifty of Pvt Ltd Company.
  • Pvt Ltd Company unable to offer public shares.
Section 124
  • If directors of the company fail to purchase shares of the company is penalized financially of RM one thousand.
Section 143
  • Directors of each company shall hold annual meeting with attending of majority members and perform meeting within the calendar year. Only first annual general meeting time is extended up to 18 months.
Section 165
  • If the company annual report is not submitted regularly is called Default Company whom is penalized of RM two thousand.
Section 211
  • Company is closed or winded up by order of court and / or voluntarily.
WRT (Wholesale Retail Trade) License Investors have to apply to local area office for WRT license from Ministry of Trade and Consumerism of Malaysia.
Halal License You may find here certificate and procedure of Halal license, Those businesses are required to have Halal license, meat, beverage, biscuit, grain, canned food, noodles, house hold goods, frozen foods.
Income Tax Certificate

Each company shall hold income tax certificate after register SDN. BHD. Company. Directors of the company shall have to decide of submission of income Tax period of the year.

Bank account

If the company hold paid up capital of RM 500,000 is easier to open bank account. If the company maintain below of RM 500,000 is difficult to open bank account. Additionally, if the directors of the company hold social pass are unable to open bank account also.

Can I register Pvt Ltd. Company in Malaysia with paid up capital of any amount (RM 1)?

Yes, you may register company by any capital of paid up.

Should I present to register a new company?

No. You may not need to be present physically. But you will need to be present physically when open bank account.

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