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      It’s a garments industry in Bangladesh was incorporated and setup through this consultancy firm. Government permission and all other permission were managed by them. Well-done S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITEDRIVERSTAR FASHION WEAR LIMITED-Germany
      PATRICK BACKHAUS, Director, Germany
    • K.M. Dastur & Company Private Limited-Malaysia

      Excellent in a word, they are professional are smarter, made the jobs done in time. Thanks to the entire team of S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED.

      K.M. Dastur & Company Private Ltd-Malaysia

      Sydul Islam, Country Manager (branch office)

      S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED is a professional foreign company registration, formation consultancy services provider. We are happy & thankful to them.BLACKnGREEN LIMITED-India
      Karthik Shankar, Chairman, India

      This is to certify that S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED works with honesty & sincerity to set up our company, accounts & legal services. They are like a safe guard of my company.GOLD WELL RESOURCES PVT LTD
      LIM KOK KAH, Chairman of the company, Singapore

      I am happy to provide a reference for the S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED, a Company Formation & Legal firm have worked with satisfaction.ERTELL LIMITED
      Javier Parez, Chariman, ERTELL LTD, Spain
    • BESTINET SDN BHD-Malaysia

      To Whom It May Concern It is my pleasure to recommend S & F Consulting Firm Limited to register our company. They have good knowledge on foreign investment, business incorporation and/ or formation law.

      BESTINET SDN BHD-Malaysia

      Baizura Rahmat, Manager- Operation
    • NIPRO ASIA-Singapore

      We are very glad for the services of S & F Consulting Firm Limited. It's a professional consultancy firm who support us accounts, audit, income tax and renewal licenses for a longer. We are happy for their people and services.

      Wish you all the best !

      NIPRO ASIA PTE LTD-Singapore 
      Sadekin Nawaz Khan, Country Manager

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    Problems to live in Malaysia


    <img src="Malaysia_live.jpg" alt="Problems to live in Malaysia"/>
    Problems to live in Malaysia

    About living in Malaysia : Malaysia is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious nation located in Southeast Asia. Not only that, Malaysia is one of the wealthiest and most developed countries. The Federation of Malaya gained their independence on 31st of August 1957. Malaysia definitely sounds like a peaceful country to live in or retire in. However, there are a few problems to live in Malaysia that needs to be considered before deciding to move and live in there.

    Property(Problems to live in Malaysia)

    One of the problems living in Malaysia is the rising of property prices. It applies for both rental and purchases of property. The reason behind that is because in Malaysia, safety is their concern. Therefore, most of the property either landed or condominiums should have a guardhouse or gates.

    Cost of living in Malaysia(Problems to live in Malaysia)The cost of living in Malaysia is increasing rapidly. Recently, petrol prices are hiking up from MYR 2.10 per liter to RM 2.30 per liter. Not only that a few retail stores are considering to increase the price of the products as well. One of the franchise retail store known as Daiso, will be increasing the products from RM 5.30 to RM 5.90 effective this coming March, 2017.


    (Problems to live in Malaysia)

    Although there are many types of transportation available in Kuala Lumpur, the disadvantage would be is that the increasing amount of traffic from day to day. The traffic in Kuala Lumpur will start at 7:00 am until 9:00 am and 4:00 pm until 7:00 pm. Not only that, one should be careful in taking public cabs as sometimes, the cab drivers do not follow the rules of setting the fare. Besides that, the trains in Kuala Lumpur are very packed during rush hours.

    Cuisine(Problems to live in Malaysia)

    There are many types of restaurants that offer variety of food. However when it comes to western meal, one should go for the restaurant that serves specifically western meal. The cost of dining in such restaurant is usually pricier.

    Weather(Problems to live in Malaysia)

    Malaysia has a tropical rain forest climate. The temperature can get to 33° during the day. Other times, it rains often. Therefore people get sick due to the instant climate change. Aside from that, people will experience haze. It happens when there is an open burning done in certain areas. Therefore foreigners who visit Malaysia the first time will experience several tremendous changes and one of it is the weather.

    Safety(Problems to live in Malaysia)

    The safety level in Malaysia is moderate. There are many crimes depending of the area located. One of the crimes usually committed is robbery. That is why majority of the condominium’s or business building has security guards to guard the premises.

    Language barrier(Problems to live in Malaysia)

    Malaysia’s common language is known as BahasaMelayu which is spoken among Malaysians. Therefore, not every Malaysians may speak in English well.

    Car park(Problems to live in Malaysia)

    Searching for a car park especially in Kuala Lumpur brings great hassle. It normally takes 10 to 15 minutes to search for a parking slot. Not only has that, the car park fees especially in office buildings been expensive which range from RM 3.00-5.00 per entry or per hour.

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