Small business ideas in Malaysia

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Malaysia is one of the best places to invest in. The vibrant economy of Malaysia has attracted many foreign and local investors. Many people’s who want to start business in Malaysia, but they are confused about – what type of business they should start? To help them decide, this article is going to describe some of the popular and profitable small business in Malaysia.

Restaurant business

We know that Malaysia being tourist country many foreign tourists visit every year. Tourist visit to enjoy vacation and ask after setup business and/ or business meeting. Restaurant is the best business in Malaysia if you may start smartly. Our suggestion is select location where restaurant will be taking place. Business location should be inside or near crowd area, beside school, market, shopping mall, Condo & office area. To reminder, you have to take permission of business license from SSM and Halal. You may hire multiple language knowledgeable staffs to serve customers.

Child care

It is noticeable that taking care of child is responsible whether father or mother but most of the family both of them are service holder. Who will take care of child? So, child care is a good business in Malaysia. Our different small business ideas in Malaysia will inspire the small investors to start business.


As small business ideas in Malaysia Laundry business is a successful business. You may setup business near residence area.

Coffee shop

Coffee shop is another good business in Malaysia. You may open small shop near crowd area, commercial area and shopping mall.

Travel Agency

Since Malaysia is a business center, many individuals visit for business purposes. This adds up to opportunities to open doors for travel organizations. And organizations that offer services for travelers indirect or directly. Along these lines, in the event that you are hoping to start a business in Malaysia. it bring ldea to begin with travel agency. It requires low capital, it’s anything but difficult to begin, and the profits are immense. This is a common small business ideas in Malaysia.


Malaysia plays host to a few a huge number of guests consistently. This leaves tremendous benefits make by investors in the nation’s tourism division. If the investor has prepared a big budget for opening a tourism business, they may build resorts or hotel. And offer their services to the tourist to invest again. Independent companies can likewise tap from the segment by offering products, services. And administrations that will help tourist as well. Along these lines, regardless of whether your financial plan is enormous or little. It can simply bring profit in Malaysia’s tourism division. It’s another small business ideas in Malaysia can start and generate revenue.


Malaysians, similar to each other individuals, loves fashion. They indicate awesome and it helps them express what their personality is. In spite of the fact there are many form outlets spread everywhere throughout the nation. There is enough space for new investors to make profit Malaysia. If by any chance investors pay interest in opening a fashion retail store, it is the best to sell local design. As so, it is advisable to do a research if you are not a native of Malaysia.

Foods and Snacks

Being small business ideas in Malaysia nourishment and snacks sell off in Malaysia. This means that there are enormous open doors for organizations. It is open who show interest in selling fast foods or snacks such as yogurt, ice cream or cakes. Beginning a nourishment business is simple and requires minimal capital. In this way, you will earn profit from this business whether local or foreigner.

Types of business in Malaysia
Types of business in Malaysia

Micro-finance services 

New organizations, particularly private companies are springing up day by day in Malaysia. Furthermore, to continue operating in the long run, these organizations need financing. That aid can get from micro-finance banks or finance institutes. Along these lines, micro-finance business is definitely a good opportunity for businesses.  If you have the capital needed to open these types of services, you may start operating this business. Anyway, collect an experience in banking and finance before starting the business. As our small business ideas in Malaysia you may start the same and happy life.

Oil and gas

The products offer by oil and gas business sells out well. Also, setting up this business does not need you to be a millionaire. In fact it only requires a few thousand dollars to begin this business. With a couple of thousand dollars, you can be a retailer for different oil and gas items. Retailer for example, kerosene and natural gas. What’s more if you have a big capital, you may set up a filling gas station that will sell a huge range of products.

Internet business

Many people are getting peace to accessible in online business now a day. Most of students of undergrads and graduates are doing different online businesses. For example of business are web architecture, independent writer and professional blogging.

Professional services

Many new independent ventures developing every single day. All organizations need the expertise bookkeepers, Engineers etc to handle jobs. Expertise guy can set up this business service and start earning your profit. As small business ideas in Malaysia you may start this business if you are skill person.

Smart phone and PC repair

Almost everyone in this entire world contains a smart phone and a computer. This shows that the opportunity for business in fixing devices is huge. Individuals would prefer to repair their devices rather than discard after damaged. If you have a talent or experience for fixing gadgets, here’s a brilliant open door for you to make profit. You may start the same business as our small business ideas in Malaysia.

Other types of business in Malaysia

  • Electricians and refrigerator engineers supply.
  • Open super shop near busy place or inside of mall.
  • Open training center.
  • Gym and bar business.
  • Fruit and coffee shop.
  • Gents and ladies parlor.
  • Property rent and sale agent.
  • Pet foods business.
  • Start Chinese, Malay and Indian food trade.
  • Start business of printing, card, signboard & chop.


What business is best to invest in Malaysia?

There are lots of good business in Malaysia where you can invest. Some of the popular business are: restaurant business, real-estate business, coffee shop, manufacturing industry etc.

Can foreigner open a small business in Malaysia?

Yes! foreigners are allowed to start both small and large size venture in Malaysia.

Who is the responsible government body to register a company in Malaysia?

Malaysia Company Commission is better known as Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) is the responsible government body to register a company in Malaysia.

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