Maldives Foreign Company Registration-Incorporation

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Maldives Foreign Company Registration-Incorporation

Our service: Maldives Foreign Company Registration-Incorporation service;

  • Company registration in Maldives for foreigner (private limited company, LLC, branch office set up)
  • Accounts, income tax, audit and financial advisory in Maldives;

Let discuss step by step about new company registration process in Maldives:-

Maldives Foreign Company Registration-Incorporation

There are three options available in Maldives to register a foreign company.

Documents required for these three options and the tax registration form (To use only for option 1 & 3) are attached in this mail:

Option-1, Option-2

Share transfer of a local investment/company to a foreigner, Option-3

Registering a new overseas Investment, Business Formation in the Maldives

Note: For option 1 & 3, tax registration form is required. However, it is not required for Option-2 as it involves only share transferring of a business which had already gone through the tax registration.

 1-Company formation fee; depends on the authorized registration fee capital of the Company (Minimum authorized capital of USD One Hundred and Thirty approximately.

 2-Company Annual fee USD 130 approx. (MRf 2000)

 3-Stamp fee USD 32 approx. (MRf 500)

 4- Administrative cost shall be deducted later on

 5-All foreign investments shall comply with the Business Profit Tax Act (Law No. 5/2011)

 Ministry of Commerce is the authority approval creating fresh overseas enterprise;

  • Minimum two share holders are need to incorporate such entity as law Maldives Foreign Company Registration-Incorporation;
  • In case of Joint Venture corporation fifty one per cent shares shall be held by local contributors and rest of forty nine per cent shall be held by non Maldivian;
  • Incentive facilities can have available depend upon type of business;
  • Tax exemption can enjoy those enterprises are situated in free zone area and/ or some particular sectors;
  • Revenue earning obligation is not applicable on overseas investors here;
  • Branch or Representative office under the main corporation is allowed to establishment and operating business activities following terms and conditions of the government;

Taxation: However the taxes have to be complied accordingly. GST (Goods & services levy) in is 6 percent and BPT (Business profit Tax) is 15 percent. NO royalties or extra taxes are levied.

Duration: It may take 30 days to complete the whole process of business incorporation.

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