Income tax in Russia

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Corporate income tax in Russia

Let discuss on income tax in Russia, corporate and individual taxation rate, calculate and return submission. Russia has an upper-center wage blended economy with state proprietorship in key ranges of the economy. Market changes in the 1990’s privatized quite a bit of Russian industry and agribusiness, with remarkable special cases to this privatization happening in the vitality and resistance related segments.

The Russian economy was the 6th biggest on the planet by PPP and twelfth biggest at advertise trade rates. In the vicinity of 2000 and 2012 Russia’s vitality sends out filled a quick development in expectations for everyday comforts, with genuine extra cash ascending by 160%. In dollar-named terms this added up to a more than seven fold increment in dispensable livelihoods since 2000. In a similar period, joblessness and neediness more than divided and Russians’ self-evaluated life fulfillment additionally climbed essentially. This development was a joined consequence of the 2000’s products blast, high oil costs, and also reasonable monetary and financial arrangements. The financial improvement of the nation has been uneven topographically with the Moscow district contributing a huge offer of the nation’s GDP. There has been a generous ascent in riches imbalance in Russia since 1990.

Tax collection:

  • Russia has a uniform rate of duty on the salary of people.

Starting at 2016 assessment in Russia is payable at the rate of 13% for a person on generally salary. (Non-occupant is 30%). Occupants pay 9% income tax in Russia on profit wage.

Non-occupants pay 15% on profit pay.

  • Exemptions are conceded to certain pay workers.
  • The standard rate of Russia corporate benefit imposes in 2016 is 20%.
  • Companies pay 9% impose on profit pay. Under specific terms profit wage got by organizations with holding of half or more is qualified for interest exclusion.


  • An individual is at risk for charge on his wage as a representative and on salary as an independently employed individual. Duty will be payable on salary earned in Russia and abroad by a person who meets the trial of a “perpetual inhabitant” of Russia.

A remote inhabitant who is utilized in Russia pays assess just on pay earned in Russia.

  • To be viewed as a Russian occupant, home must be built up of no less than 183 days in Russia amid a year in a schedule year.
  • An boss is committed to deduct, quickly, every month, the measure of expense and national protection due from a salaried specialist.
  • A independently employed individual is committed to influence propel installments on salary to charge that will be balanced on documenting a yearly report. On account of another business, the propel installments will be computed on the premise of the entrepreneur’s gauge. The propel installments will be made no less than 3 times in every year.
  • Certain installments are deductible from assess able salary as point by point beneath.

Corporate Income Tax rate in Russia

  • The assess on organization benefits is comprised of 2 types income tax rate in Russia:

– Federal duty – 2%.

– Regional duty – 18% (with a conceivable motivator decrease of up to 4.5%).

  • The greatest benefit impose is 20% as rate of income tax in Russia.


  • The standard rate of expense is 13% for an occupant and 30% for a remote inhabitant.
  • The benefit on the offer of land or other resource that has been held for a long time or 5 years if purchased after 1.1.2016 is absolved from assess.
  • Sale of certain Russian offers purchased after 1.1.2011 and held for over five years are impose absolved.
  • The greatest conclusion on the offer of private land held for under 3 years is RUR 1 million. On the offer of another benefit the derivation is RUR 250,000.


  • The standard rate of expense for an enterprise is indistinguishable to the duty on its normal pay.
  • Sale of certain Russian offers purchased after 1.1.2011 and held for over five years are assessed excluded.
  • A capital misfortune on the offer of a settled resource might be balanced against pay in the next years. The balance is spread over the staying helpful existence of the advantage that has been sold.
  • There is no cost expansion change for capital increases.


The duty year in Russia is the year finishing on December 31.

Propel installments of pay impose are made as determined underneath:

  • An Individual – A person whose salary is just from a wage is not committed to record a yearly return. The business deducts impose from the representative and exchanges it to the Tax Authority consistently.

– A person who is independently employed is committed to influence 3 to propel installments: on July 15, August 15 and November 15.

– An independently employed individual must record an arrival before the months over of April following the finish of the expense year.

The adjust of the expense due, subsequent to recording the yearly return, is to be paid by July 15

  • A Limited Company – It is mandatory for a constrained organization to present the money related proclamations by March 30.

– During the course of the year, the organization is committed to make propel installments on a month to month premise.

These prepayments depend on the benefit in the past quarter.

– Small organizations are not obliged to make propel installments.

– Fines are forced on the accommodation of profits after the date recommended.


The assessment withholding rates for installments to out-of-state people:

  • Dividends are 9% installments to inhabitants (15% when the beneficiary is an outside element).
  • Interest: 20% as income tax rate in Russia.
  • Royalties: 20%
  • Specialized Fees: 0%

Government disability Income Tax in Russia

  • The government disability rate for businesses is 30%, up to a yearly roof of RUR 796,000.
  • For money surpassing RUR 796,000 there is an extra 10% for the fundamental 22% annuity installment.
  • Aside from the 22% benefits incorporated into the aggregate of 30% installment the business pays 5.1% for medicinal protection and 2.9% for social protection.
  • Representatives don’t pay government managed savings.
  • Independently employees are needed to pay social assessment on their salary.

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