Singapore Foreign Company Registration-Incorporation

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Singapore Foreign Company Registration-Incorporation

Our service area: Singapore foreign company registration-incorporation;

  • Foreign company registration in Singapore (private limited company, subsidiary, joint venture, branch office), accounts, audit, income tax and business advisory.


Singapore Foreign Company Registration-Incorporation

  • Singapore foreign company registration-incorporation shown in law that not more than 50 (fifty) share holders are allowed to build limited company;
  • One director must be Singaporean (PR) of the directors of entity;
  • One Corporate Secretary must be appointed as Singaporean;
  • No limitation for paid up capital (can be one Singapore Dollar);
  • Singapore Dollar 100,000 is necessary to incorporate a pvt limited company and get all other permissions;

Documents are needed to proceed:

  • Passport copy and photos of the directors;
  • Proof of residence address of foreign country;

Income Tax rate: 8.5% to 17 percent tax is applied for corporate

Own share holding company

full percent foreign ownership is not possible and one Singaporean is required to incorporate business in Singapore , Ministry of Trade And Industry of Singapore ;

Process of getting approval:

  • Name clearance of the business organization;
  • Prepare MoA & AoA and get approved copy from concern authority;
  • Statement of conformity is issued from concern body which helps to begin fresh corporation;
  • Certificate of commerce character is issued from concern body of Singapore foreign company registration-incorporation after verifying entire formality;
  • Office time certification approval;
  • Consent letter of the directors;

Branch Office set up in Singapore

Required jobs to register a branch office:

  • Registered address in Singapore;
  • Representative and outsider employees engagement letter;
  • Taxation is not applicable on turnover of doing business;
  • Supply sponsor’s unanimous verdict print to start local office;
  • Name approval of mother corporation;
  • Directors share allocation forms;
  • Only central office cannot skip from answerable for its any area office, provided that beginning trade in any sectors though such offices are not allowed here;
  • Each company has financial data that is want by the overseas investment approved authority;
  • Representative office is established for short-term , provided that such workplace is not allowed to make an agreement and trade for main corporation;

 Follow the instructions as below:

  • Ensure institution Name , a place what shall be used correspondence, MOA, Papers those are attested by the person of government authorized, licensing for trading, and others those required permissions including VAT to doing foreign trading
  • Investors share allocation, appointment of senior management & auditor.
  • Bank account , signatory & meeting quorum information;
  • Assignee who shall work on behalf of sponsor to forward papers;
  • Address of the entity;
  • Accounts report of the enterprise;

Duration: By one or couple of week to get approval from concern authority

Note: Income Tax shall be applicable as non residence or overseas entity



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