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      It’s a garments industry in Bangladesh was incorporated and setup through this consultancy firm. Government permission and all other permission were managed by them. Well-done S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITEDRIVERSTAR FASHION WEAR LIMITED-Germany
      PATRICK BACKHAUS, Director, Germany
    • K.M. Dastur & Company Private Limited-Malaysia

      Excellent in a word, they are professional are smarter, made the jobs done in time. Thanks to the entire team of S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED.

      K.M. Dastur & Company Private Ltd-Malaysia

      Sydul Islam, Country Manager (branch office)

      S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED is a professional foreign company registration, formation consultancy services provider. We are happy & thankful to them.BLACKnGREEN LIMITED-India
      Karthik Shankar, Chairman, India

      This is to certify that S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED works with honesty & sincerity to set up our company, accounts & legal services. They are like a safe guard of my company.GOLD WELL RESOURCES PVT LTD
      LIM KOK KAH, Chairman of the company, Singapore

      I am happy to provide a reference for the S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED, a Company Formation & Legal firm have worked with satisfaction.ERTELL LIMITED
      Javier Parez, Chariman, ERTELL LTD, Spain
    • BESTINET SDN BHD-Malaysia

      To Whom It May Concern It is my pleasure to recommend S & F Consulting Firm Limited to register our company. They have good knowledge on foreign investment, business incorporation and/ or formation law.

      BESTINET SDN BHD-Malaysia

      Baizura Rahmat, Manager- Operation
    • NIPRO ASIA-Singapore

      We are very glad for the services of S & F Consulting Firm Limited. It's a professional consultancy firm who support us accounts, audit, income tax and renewal licenses for a longer. We are happy for their people and services.

      Wish you all the best !

      NIPRO ASIA PTE LTD-Singapore 
      Sadekin Nawaz Khan, Country Manager

    Incorporation Certificate

    Sri Lanka Foreign Company Registration

    <img src="Sri-Lanka.jpg" alt="Sri Lanka Foreign Company Registration">
    Sri Lanka Foreign Company Registration

    Our guide line will give you detail indication of new company registration fee, service in Sri Lanka for foreigner. Our service on Sri Lanka foreign company registration/ company incorporation  (LLC) requirements of Sri Lanka. We advise managing business license, process of registering a private limited company in Sri Lanka and information of how to register a company in Sri Lanka for foreigner?

    Sri Lanka Foreign Company Registration, Formation

     Go through the steps of of Sri Lanka foreign company registration:-

    Company registration process in Sri Lanka
    • As company registration process first task is to be ensured institution name approval from Department of Company Registrar, an address require for business correspondence;
    • Additional supporting papers are prepare and submit MOA and other forms and provided that all papers be attested by the person of government endorsed;
    • Further information some other license might require to register a private limited company, depend upon type of business;
    Share Holder
    • As law of the country a private limited company is created by minimum two share members whereas maximum number of share members are fifty , in case of public corporation minimum share members are seven where at least two shall hold position of directors;
    New Paper Advertisement
    • As Sri Lanka foreign company registration, formation process and law starting a new business after registration of a (LLC) company profile will be published in to three news papers;
    Company Secretary
    • Company Secretary hire is one condition to establishment nonresident / foreign ownership company ;
    Share Proportion being joint venture company
    • As law of Sri Lanka, foreign partners shall hold maximum 49 percent of shares and rest of shares will be owned by local share holder (s).
    BOI required/ not required
    • Without BOI approval no such entity is permitted to begin operation, vary upon type of business and investment capital;
    SEC permission not required
    • Fresh business can be incorporation without earlier approval of SEC, if the company is private limited and small number of capital;
    Company Registration Time in Sri Lanka
    • Minimum 21 days are required to complete process of private limited company registration in Sri Lanka;
    • As our guide line of Sri Lanka foreign company registration there may need of time 3 weeks to 3 months to complete whole registration process in Sri Lanka, depend upon number of permissions;
    Start a retail business in Sri Lanka
    • As guide of Sri Lanka foreign company registration retail business as foreigner is not allowed normally unless meets the condition of remittance of US$ millions;
    100% foreign share holding
    • 100 percent foreign ownership company is allowed as law of Sri Lanka but most of the cases 51 percent holds by local partner and 49 percent by foreign partners in case of JV (joint Venturing) company.
    Import business in Sri Lanka
    • As our guide line of Sri Lanka foreign company registration, to start Import business ( retail business) US$ 1Million may require to be remitted at bank account, if, it’s wholesale business then skip the figure;
    Current FDI position in Sri Lanka
    • Further information as Sri Lanka foreign company registration and setting up business, current fdi position of Sri Lanka is US$ 925,280,499 (+/-). Offshore enterprise
    Government Fee
    • Government annual fee is SLRs 60,000 Plus (-) to renew licensing and return filing.
    Company registration Fee in Sri Lanka (Consultancy fee)
    • Fee to register a private limited company in Sri Lanka is not fixed but approximately SLR 180,000 to SLR 220,000 that vary upon types of business and investment capital;

    At a glance of company registration in Sri Lanka

    Company Act2007 of no. 7
    Name approval time1-2 days, if no conflict occur
    Required forms to be filledForm 1, 18 and form 19
    What is form 1? Company registration information
    What is form 18? Certificate of the directors
    What is form 19? Certificate of the Company Secretary
    Memorandum & Article of AssociationAs Company Act, 2007 under 7
    Paper advertisementPlacing information, contact number, parent company place and must publish in one English news paper including local language news paper.
    Government FeesRS 15,000 (approximately)
    Consultancy feesUS $ 2000, 3000 and 7000 as category
    Time line (company registration)30 days max
    Company registrationFrom registrar office and/ or BOI
    Corporate tax rate35 percent

    Company Registration Process in Sri Lanka

    Name approval

    1. Need to be search the government portal to check availability of proposed name;
    2. Fill up name search form A16 collecting from counter of Registrar Office;
    3. Ensure Rs 1110 with VAT to be deposited to counter of Registrar Office for name booking;
    4. The Registrar is the supreme authority to be approved the name of the company;

    Register a private limited company

    1. After getting name approval Form no. 1, Form 18, Form 19 and Memorandum & Article of Association have to be printed;
    2. All documents have to submit to the counter of Registrar Office with registration fees of Rs nineteen thousand nine hundred eighty and VAT;
    3. Within 30 working days of incorporation a company shall publish in news papers as follows:
    <img src="Image/Paper_advertisement.jpg" alt="Paper advertisement for new company incorporation in Sri Lanka"/>
    Paper advertisement for new company incorporation in Sri Lanka

    Note: As section 3 if companies do not violate limitation BOI approval will not come in picture otherwise BOI approval is required for the foreign investors.

    Register a limited company

    • Required all above papers and/ or information to be registered except two major steps are such companies cannot offer public share
    • As membership limitation maximum fifty share holders are allowed as private limited company in Sri Lanka.

    Branch Office open in Sri Lanka

    • The following information and documents are required as guide line of Sri Lanka foreign company registration (Branch Office of foreign LLC):
    • There are different approval papers of the mother corporation with attested by embassy;
    • Meeting decision from sponsors;
    • Power given a human , local agent, who shall proceed taking liabilities in favor of mother organization;
    • About more a month (4 weeks ) might needful to complete registration process;
    • Enclosed documents conversion in English;

     Representative office

    • Setup such office is like liaison office but exceptions are it is free from tax and cannot involve in trading;

    Joint venture Company registration in Sri Lanka

    • Joint venture company registration in Sri Lanka is formed between parties upon agreement of trading with many terms and conditions and clauses as business and services;
    Income Tax return of Sri Lanka
    • Entity dividend and royalty tax start from ten to fifteen percent as information of Sri Lanka Inland Revenue;
    • Corporate tax rate is thirty five percent;
    • Twelve point five percent tax is applicable on exporting goods;
    • Tax incentives facilities available on particular goods those entities are situated within area of free zone in Sri Lanka;
    • Corporation tax holiday enjoy for three to seven years;
    • You can find income tax return information in Sri Lanka (Personal & corporate)
    New company registration fees in Sri Lanka

    Company registration fees in Sri Lanka is given as chart

    As Form 1Rs. 15,000 (Government fees)
    For, Form 18Rs. 1000 (Government fees)
    For, Form 19Rs. 1000 (Government fees)
    For, article of associationRs. 1000, (Government fees)
    Note: Fifteen percent VAT will be applicable on all above fees. 
    Consultancy fees category “A”US$ 1999 (for small size company).
    Consultancy fees category “B”US$ 2999(for medium size company)
    Consultancy fees category “C”US$ 6999 (for big size company)


    <img src="Image/Fees_company.jpg" alt="Fees of new company incorporation in Sri Lanka"/>


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