LLC registration Sri Lanka

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LLC registration Sri Lanka

Local and foreign trader can apply for limited liability company, LLC registration Sri Lanka. For the private limited liability company partner numbers shall not be more than fifty (50).  The applicant cannot same as director as well as company secretary at same corporation. In case of multiple partnerships one of them can act as company secretary.  Provided that, if paid up capital of a company exceed from 500,000 a experienced company secretary shall be hired. Whether permission is required from Board of Investment (BOI) or controller of exchange if the investor is a foreigner.  Foreign investor can hold 100 percent of shares of the company.

Name Approval: As process of name approval of limited liability company (LLC) apply filling up form that is available in government website at 5 free of cost. Form no. 16 A is needful for business name application.

MoA & AoA: An expert will prepare MoA & AoA mentioning requires information as company law of the country.

Require papers:   Form 1: Section 4(1) of Companies Act No. 7 of 2007 (registration of a llc company). Information will be filled up as number of company, type of company, number of proposed company, registered address, declaration under section 4 (1), article of association, directors name and passport copy, address, number of share holders, secretary.

Form 18: Approval and certificate of directors and Form 19: Consent and certificate of secretary.

Two copies of article of associations have to submit before registrar with signing by directors. As format of AoA is A4 paper size, in the upper side keep 4 “space, 2” space at left and 1” at right side.

LLC registration procedure

  • Investor or consultant shall collect form A 16 from registrar counter and submit through online
  • Name approval form (Form A16) shall have to check whether name is correct or incorrect.
  • Investor or consultant on behalf of investor shall clear fees formalities to the counter for name searching of Rs. One thousand plus Vat twelve percent.
  • Company name approval shall be live till 3 (three) months after then will be expired automatically.
  • You will be given company name approval digit by information center of registrar office.
  • Fee table:
Form 1Fifteen thousand plus twelve percent VAT
Form 18One thousand plus 12 percent VAT
Form 19One thousand plus twelve percent VAT
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LLC registration Sri Lanka

  • Pay all fees to Shroff counter and receive the payment slip
  • Your submission documents will be verified by officer if found any errors will be corrected and corrected copy will be forwarded before Registrar for approval.
  • Consultant will collect the signing copies from the Registrar office on next day.
  • Registration of foreign company (LLC) in Sri Lanka new paper advertisement is a condition as such local plus English news paper advertisements are recommended.

Time line of LLC company registration in Sri Lanka

How many days require getting name approval?One day
How many days require for incorporation documentsOne day

Cost of LLC company registration in Sri Lanka

Fees for form no. 16 AFree
Fees for form no. 1Rs. 10 (ten)
Fees for form no. 18Rs. 5 (five)
Fees for form no. 19Rs. 5 (five)
Fees for name searchRs. 1000+ vat 12 percent
Registration fees for the form no. 18 & 19Rs. 1000+ 12 percent Vat
Registration fee for article of associationRs. 1000 + 12 Percent Vat
Registration fee for form 1Rs. 15000 + 12 percent Vat

 Section 5. Information about Company incorporation

Upon submission of required papers company is incorporated and given a number to be identified. It’s deemed to be all papers are submitted and passed as being incorporated.

Sri Lanka_Company_Act_7_of_2007

Our consultancy fees to setup LLC in Sri Lanka

Type ASmall enterpriseUS dollar 1999
Type BMedium enterpriseUS dollar 2999
Type CBig enterpriseUS dollar 6999

Other information: All share holders will receive share certificate as their qualification number of shares. Company seal has to have for each after LLC registration Sri Lanka.

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