Thailand Foreign Company Registration-Formation

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Thailand Foreign Company Registration-Formation Service

Service: Thailand foreign company registration-formation;

Private limited company registration service in Thailand (LLC, branch office);

Accounts, audit, income tax and financial advisory;

Let discuss step by step of Thailand foreign company registration-formation:-

  • First of all, company name shall be approved by the Thai government registrar office after then next procedure as a place what shall be used correspondence, MOA, Papers those are attested by the person of government endorsed, license for starting, and others those required permissions including VAT to doing foreign trading;
  • To establish such company need the capital of one million baht in Thailand Foreign Company Registration-Formation;
  • Engaging one nonresident must remit sum of two million baht to work as law, amounting four millions for working permission of two persons;
  • In case of exceeding  entity gross profit one point eight million apply for VAT license;
  • For the nonresident entrepreneurs hundred percent ownership is allowed, where forty nine percent shall be held by non domestic owners and rest of fifty one percent shall be reserve of domestic owners in Thailand foreign company registration-formation;
  • Incorporation of such firm minimum capital should remit three million THB
  • Trading permission is provided from ministry of commerce for the nonresident applicants in Thailand, where number of share members are minimum  three for private firm and minimum fifteen members in terms of public enterprise;

Income Tax Return in Thailand

  • Corporate tax is thirty percent  if paid up capital stand more than five million baht, on the other hand if capital less than five million tax rate is fifteen percent;
  • Manage VAT certificate if yearly trading turn over cross limit of less than two million and more than one and half million;

Joint venture company registration in Thailand

  • Such trading a popular and is allowed by law of the state that is unincorporated and made agreement between parties with terms and clauses;

Branch office open in Thailand

  • There are different approval papers of the mother corporation with attested by embassy;
  • Meeting decision from sponsors;
  • Power given a human , local agent, who shall proceed taking liabilities in favor of mother organization;
  • About more a month (4 weeks ) might needful to complete registration process;
  • Enclosed documents conversion in English;
  • Such office can maintain accounts report and tax is applicable;
  • Application is permitted upon remit sum of not less than five million baht, provided that initially it is approved for five years and apply for renew before expiry;
Representative office
  • Such office cannot engage into business and is not allowed to receive profit; Formation process is like liaison office;
Regional HQ
  • Research and development activities are allowed with some other conditions of trading;
  • ROH worth not less than 25% of total share
  • Such corporation tax is ten percent;
  • In terms of nonresident employees tax is fifteen percent, provided that ensure ten million baht as paid up to permission of incorporation;


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