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Types of Visa in Thailand

Types of Visa in Thailand

There are different types of visas in Thailand. Each type of visa is used for a specific purpose. To visit Thailand for any purpose, obtaining a visa is a first and one of the most important steps of all.  Therefore, it is important to know about the types of visa and its functionality.

  • Transit Visa
  • Tourist Visas
  • Non-Immigrant Visa
  • Marriage Visa and Retirement Visa
  • Permanent Resident Visa
Types of Visa in Thailand infographic

Transit Visa in Thailand

This is a visa that is issued to the applicant who wants to enter Thailand for the following purpose–

  • To take part in sports activities.
  • To transit through Thailand to visit the country of your destination.
  • The person in charge or crew of a conveyance coming to a port, station or area in the Kingdom.

The validity of this visa is three months for a single entry. However, the visa can be extended to 6 months for double entry. Travelers who want to visit in Thailand can stay in Thailand for a maximum of 30 days. Only extending of visa for travelers is restricted. However, if you want to extend visa you are required to file an application to the Immigration Bureau.  The following fees for transit visa are–

  • For single entry visa – 45 Canadian dollars
  • For double entry visa – 90 Canadian dollars

The Royal Thai Embassy does not permit any multiple entry transit visa. The payment of a visa can be paid through money order only. Payment through cheque or credit/debit card is not accepted.

Tourist Visas in Thailand

The tourist visa is only issued to the applicant for tourist purpose. The validity of this visa is 90 days for single entry and 6 months for multiple entries. To extend the period of tourist visa, you need to file an application to the Office of Immigration Bureau. The following visa fees for a tourist visa are –

  • 50 Canadian dollars – For single entry tourist visa. 
  • 250 Canadian dollars- for multiple entry tourist visa.

Documents Requirements for Tourist Visa

  • Passport – with the validity of at least three months.
  • The form of visa application (must be signed by the applicant)
  • Recent photograph of the applicant (size: 2″x 2″)
  • Xerox photocopy Air ticket to Thailand and return tickets.
  • Copy of hotel reservation in Thailand

Visitors from 48 countries can enter Thailand without a tourist visa. They can apply for visas to immigration checkpoints upon arrival for tourism purposes and will be allowed to stay in Thailand for a period not exceeding 15 days.

Non-Immigrant Visa in Thailand

This is a type of visa that is issued to an applicant who wants to enter Thailand for the following purpose:

  • To perform business-related activities or to attend any business-related conference.
  • To work as a foreign journalist or as a media person (film producer, actors)
  • For performing any types of religious activities.
  • For studying in Thailand or for a study tour.
  • For receiving medical treatment in Thailand
  • People aged over 50 who wish to stay in Thailand for an extended period with no intention to work.

Basic Requirements for Non-Immigrant Visa

  • Passport with validity not less than six months.
  • Visa application form.
  • Two recent photographs (size 2″x 2″ inches).
  • Evidence of adequate finance (USD 620 per person).

Letter of acceptance from the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. However, some additional documents may require depending upon the type of non-immigrant visa you are applying for. These are the following additional documents:

  • Official Note certifying the purpose of travel
  • Letter from a company which demonstrates your purpose of the visit to Thailand
  • Document showing correspondence with trading partners in Thailand.
  • Letter of invitation from companies qualified to employ foreigners.
  • Work Permit copy that is issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.
  • Employment contract indicating the reason for hiring the applicant.

A non-immigrant visa is categories into “F, B, IM, IB, ED, M, R, RS, EX, and O.” The visiting in Thailand with Non-Immigrant falls under those categories.  However, fees for Non-Immigrant visa are following- 

  • Single entry visa fee- 100 Canadian dollars 
  • Multiple entry visa fee- 250 Canadian dollars

Marriage Visa and Retirement Visa

No direct application is required to get this visa. However, if you will meet the financial requirements for the application, the process will be hassle-free. You must have a Thai spouse. Otherwise, if you want a retirement visa in Thailand, you need to be 50 years old or above.

In simple words, firstly, you have to obtain a non-immigrant visa. Then convert the non-immigrant visa to either Marriage Visa or Retirement Visa. These visa types will allow you to extend your stay in Thailand for one year (renewable) without any hassle.

Permanent Resident Visa in Thailand

To obtain a permanent resident visa, you must have stayed in the country for three consecutive with one-year visa extensions. However, if you are married to any Thai person for five years, you should earn a minimum of 30000 Baht. If you singe you need to earn a minimum 80000 Baht. Moreover, you need to provide three years of personal income tax statement to qualify for this visa. 


Obtaining visas in Thailand is not problematic if you meet all the requirements. The people who fall in problems doing Thai visas either do not meet the visa requirements or the documentation process is incorrect. They are many business people who want to start a business in Thailand but cannot move their Thailand because of visa problems. Don’t Worry!! We will help you to obtain necessary visas as well as assist you for setting up a business in Thailand.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How much it costs to proceed a single-entry visa?

  • It takes a minimum of 1050 baht for a single-entry visa.

Q: Where to apply for a Thai visa?

  • You need to apply at the Royal Thai Embassy for Thai visas.

Q: If I want to work in Thailand, what type of visa should I acquire?

  • To work in Thailand, you need to either have a Non-immigrant visa or work permit.
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