The Banks of Mauritius

The Banks of Mauritius

The Banks of Mauritius consist of a wide range of services. The banks of the country not only focus on the traditional methods, it is developed with digital facilities also such as debit and credit card-base payment services, internet banking and phone banking facilities.

The banks in Mauritius offers special services which are;

  • Fund administration
  • Custodial services
  • Trusteeship
  • Structured lending
  • Structured trade finance
  • International portfolio management
  • Investment banking
  • Private client activities
  • Treasury and finance services

The country has total 20 banks in which 5 are local banks, 4 are foreign banks, 1 is a joint venture, 9 foreign-owned subsidiaries and 1 is licensed as a private bank. There are the biggest and international reputed banks in Mauritius and all the banks retain their license from the Bank of Mauritius to proceed with the banking business both locally and internationally. International banks provide vast range of global and financial services to corporate, institutional and private clients. The international bank activities in the country takes place in the international cross border.

List of Banks in Mauritius:

  1. Bank of Mauritius
  2. Barclays Bank
  3. State Bank of Mauritius
  4. AfrAsia Bank
  5. Century Banking Corporation
  6. Standard Chartered Bank
  7. Bank of Baroda
  8. Bramer Banking Corporation
  9. Mauritius Commercial Bank
  10. Bank One Mauritius
  11. Mauritius Post and Cooperative Bank
  12. SBI International Mauritius
  13. Investec Bank
  14. Indian Ocean International Bank
  15. Standard Bank
  16. Habib Bank
  17. Deutsche Bank
  18. Banque des Mascareignes
  19. PT Bank International
  20. HSBC Bank

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