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Do you like to know the process and law to check company registration Malaysia and number for foreigner and local entrepreneurs? Actually, All Sdn Bhd company is registered by 3 ways 1) limited by shares 2) limited by guarantee and 3) unlimited company. To find exact company number must search in Mydata SSM placing name of desired company. Log in to SSM and buy any data or, ask your secretary to buy.

By the way, the company is registered by same day if the proposed name is available and taken approval. Now, how to check company registration Malaysia and what is the process? All of them are easier and the company secretary will guide accordingly.

First of all, the company name shall be checked online if vacant, have to pay RM 100 deposit and information of nature of the business, what is the meaning of company name might ask sometimes if the name seems unfamiliar. Still concern, how to register a company in Malaysia as nonresident?

Authority tocheck Question of check company Answer
SSM Online Seach How Long It Takes To Register Sdn Bhd Company? Normally It Takes 3 to 5 Days Unless Proposed Company Name Approval is Delayed
SSM How Many Shareholders Are Required As Minimum? 1 (One), Yes Minimum One Shareholders Are Enough to Meet with Law
SSM How Much Minimum Investment in Required? We Recommend at Lowest of Ringgit 3000 and Later Can Increase Upon Your Need
License Authority How Many Licenses Are Need to Start Business Fully in Malaysia As Foreigner? Well, Some Other Licenses Are Need Apart of Company Incorporation, Such As:
1) Sign Board
2) Premise
3) Export and/ Import (if Required)
4) Income Tax Certificate
7) ESD (If Long Time Business Visa and Foreign Staff Hiring are Need.
Immigration How to Get A Long Time Visa in Malaysia? Well, We Shall Guide the Process of application for director of the Company
ESD Department What is ESD Registration? ESD=Expatriate Service Department of Malaysia to Whom Business Visa Application is Submitted.
ESD Department How Long Takes Normally to Get Long Time Visa as Investors? Not Sure, But as Experience it Might Takes 2-3 Months Unless Any Supporting Documents Are Pending.
SSM esearch Who is Eligible to Apply of Company Registration Malaysia? Anyone Who Is 18 Years Old and Have no Bankruptcy Record in Own Country
SSM How Much is Fees of Company Registration?
Well, Government Fees Ringgit 1010/- For Any Volume of Investment Capital. Additional Changes Are: 1) Company Secretary 2) Buy Company Super Forms 3) Office Address Use (if need) 4) Cooperation of Bank Account Open. Be Careful of Hiding Charge After Company Incorporation !!
SSM Who is Eligible to Process of Company Registration in SSM? Actually, Only License Company Secretary is Allowed by SSM to Process of Documents.
Can I Get All Licenses from one Consultant? No, Very Few Consultancy Firm Eligible to Apply of All Licenses Whereas Most of Them Only Assist of Registration Service. But Yes, We Assist Our Customers to Apply for Any License as Serial 4.  
MM2H How Much Capital id Required to Apply of Long Time Visa? We Recommend of Ringgit 500K-1 Million If All Shareholders are Foreigner (s).

Next steps after company registration Malaysia from SSM: 1) Apply for Sign Board License (supporting papers are office rental agreement, layout and office furniture). 2) Open bank account (supporting papers are rental agreement, super form by from My Data of SSM and Board Meeting Resolution from Secretary) 3) Same time can apply for Premise license to local counsel of your business location area 4) Income tax by tax expert or Chartered Accountant form or S & F Consulting Firm 5) EPF and SOCSO (Whereas employment provident Fund and SOCSO are requirement for all companies and Contribute of Social Responsibilities)   6) Export and import license (Supporting documents are sample of goods and company registered certified copies). 7) WRT (Whole sale and Retail Trade License-applicable for nonresidents and 4 categories of enterprises). 8). ESD (Expatriate Service Department allow to apply of visa and hire foreign staffs). 9) MM2H (Optional-considering to live in Malaysia for long time with family).

SSM search

Approximate fees of company registration: 1) Company Name application RM 50-100 2) Company Incorporation SSM Fees RM 1010/- 3) Buy Super Form RM 150-200 4) Consultancy Fees RM 1000 to 3000, depend on number of service 5) Virtual Office if no business address is available RM 20/ month or FREE first year 6) Secretary fees RM 600 to 1200/ year. Be careful from hidden cost after company registration process is done !

Registration time: 1) Name purpose 1-2 days 2) Registration purpose 1-2 days. If proposed name is available registration can be faster without hassle. Bank account: This is challenging for nonresidents as most of the local banks discourage ! Do not worry, discuss with team member of S & F Consulting Firm ,please, to make it 100% confirm unless have any bankruptcy  record.

Virtual office/ physical desk: As office address is necessary to open Sdn Bhd company and if you do not have address in Malaysia, worried ! Speak with team of S & F Consulting Firm to let you use address 1 (one) year totally FREE. Ready desk in ready fully furnished office in good location cost is RM 500/ per desk only. Hassle free rental office with agreement copy.

SSM Malaysia search

Foreign and local businessmen like SSM company registration search to know more detail about investment of Malaysia and licensing. Company and/ or business registration number, LLP registration number can search through online in SSM website. If shareholders like to check company status, active or dormant may search in SSM website. Moreover, other information of the company may purchase by online, number of shareholder’s price RM 15, registered address by RM 15, certificate of conversion by RM 15, certificate of company profile and incorporation price is RM 15 respectively.

All documents are submitted to SSM online now a day and hard copy submission policy is unnatural. Entrepreneurs may collect any information of business over SSM online, registration status, fees, company profile, MyCoID, forms, certificate and post registration documents. Guideline of business name selection, Act, business renewal, termination, responsibilities of owners, corporate guidelines and all data of company are preserved in SSM online.

SSM search online

SSM search online

Benefit of online system: It’s the beginning to end up of a company, all necessary data are preserved in server of SSM, if owners like to purchase any information may pay and collect. Being online system, company registration, submission, collection and maintenance are easier from any place of the country. So, you can check company registration Malaysia by online.

How to check company profile

After company registration when you need to check company profile in SSM system is requested to search Mydata SSM as name of the company. Register with SSM einfo putting name and once verification is done log in and search name of the company. Log in with CTOCREDIT DOT COM DOT MY and search the name from list as displayed. There are many names as sequence of alphabet A-Z and 0-9 are available and check your name. Sometimes company profile is need and by curiosity directors like to have company profile. Company secretary can buy easily as secretaries have registered log in access. Any papers of the company except incorporation, particulars of directors and articles must buy from SSM online.

How to check company profile and registration number  ?

SSM company search

To know any status of company must search the name in SSM website. If name is existing must display otherwise no name will be appeared. To let know, if like to receive any papers from SSM must pay. Ask any license company secretary to buy it for you.

How to check company registration number

Without register a company name search is useless as company itself has an identity. Only registered company is searchable and checkable number from SSM Mydata. Many inquiries are received how to check company number to ensure company has existence or not. Two ways can check 1) Put company number 2) Search by name of the company. You can not find any name those have to number as number is identity by SSM system. You may want to know about the enterprise registration process in Malaysia.

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Check Frequent Ask Questions

How to check company registration number?

Visit website: to find registration number.

How to check company directors detail?

Visit . At first search company name in After then find directors detail.

How to buy super form?

Contact the company secretary. If you do not have secretary can hire reliable secretary for your company. You can call +60378860995 (S & F Consulting Firm).

How to check company is registered or not?

Visit check here putting company name.

How many partners need to open Sdn Bhd company?

At least one person need to open Sdn Bhd whether local or foreign shareholding company.

How long require to register Sdn Bhd company?

Expected days 3-5 unless have issue with company name approval.

How much is the cost of company registration?

Expected cost in Ringgit 4000 in package of 1) Company Incorporation by SSM 2) Virtual office address for one year 3) Company secretary for one year 4) Open bank account (OCBC and Standard Chartered) and FREE domain and hosting (100 MB). No hidden cost in post registration.

How to hire reliable company secretary?

Call to S & F Consulting Firm customer service +60 11 31 23 43 72 (whatsApp available). You can hire License Company secretary for your own company by Ringgit 1000 yearly. You can take whole year free service like board meeting resolution, share transfer, annual return submission, AGM etc.

How much paid up capital is required to open Sdn Bhd company?

Initially, we recommend to show small number of figure, Ringgit 4000. Later, increase as maximum as need considering nature of business.

How to obtain signboard and premise license?

Contact S & F Consulting Firm to assist you. Signboard license cost in Ringgit 2000 obtaining by DBKL and MBPJ. Supporting papers are tenancy agreement, office layout and signboard size.

Why S & F Consulting Firm is different than others?

S & F Consulting Firm is different than others because they charge no EXTRA after company incorporation. Let, you are getting 5 services for one year paying RM 4000. No extra charge for preparing board resolution, share transfer, appoint new shareholder, return submission, AGM, printing papers and miscellanies within one year. Quick service, excellent customer and secretary service. You can take other services like accounting, tax, domain, hosting, website design, business advisory (free), and any license as nature of business.


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