The Dependent Visa Holder Can Open Company Malaysia

Yes, any dependent visa holder can open company Malaysia, SDN BHD company. It was previous decision that at least 2 (two) share holders (partners) are required to open SDN BHD company but now 1 (one) share holder can be one director as well as share holder of SDN BHD company. But ensure dependent pass holders terms and conditions of visa.

Can dependent open bank account in Malaysia?

Yes, can, foreign dependent pass holder can open bank
account (personal and business).

How long takes to open SDN BHD company?

It takes normally 3-5 days if proposed
company name is approved shortly.

Is nominee director required to open SDN BHD company?

No. not at all. But appoint a local nominee director might sometimes require (eg: bank account open, apply for visa and export license).

Who is called dependent?

Dependent is imported by employment
pass holder or main applicant (as family

Can dependent pass holder become company director?

Yes, can, dependent pass holder can be his/ her own company director and run business

How much cost to open SDN BHD company in Malaysia?

It’s a package Ringgit 5000 (including government+ professional+ company seal+ secretary fees of company registration Malaysia).

I do not have any office, what can I do?

Well, rent virtual office Malaysia with low
budget (Ringgit 100/ monthly).

Is there any physical office in my budget?

Yes, one ready desk rental cost is Ringgit 500/ monthly.
Dependent visa holder in Malaysia is not burden
of country and family. They have opportunity
to contribute development of country by business.

Which bank is easier to open an account?

We shall recommend 2-3 banks to allow you open account easily.

Can I change my visa from dependent to expatriate/ employment?

Yes can, if you meet requirement
to apply for same.

How long takes to get employment visa?

3-6 months might take to finish all formalities.

So, any dependent can open SDN BHD company in Malaysia and run business but need to be kept in mind to maintain dependent pass holder’s government rules and regulations. Well, now you need to know about how to register a company in Malaysia online as a foreigner.


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