Guidelines to open a business in Thailand as foreigner

Foreigners are welcome to Thailand to establish a business as their desired business activities. For information, local Thai partner is not required to set up a new business, by law but depend on activities, permissions and capital. We recommend, to open a business with Thai partner for a quicker incorporation and more benefits. Non-resident entrepreneurs can start a business with 100% ownership and/ or 49% with Thai JV for a limited liability company (LLC).

Folling sertices are provided for the non-residents in Thailand:

  1. Limited liabilty company incorporation service for the foreigners 
  2. Business address (correspondence business address)
  3. Bank account open by 1 day
  4. VAT (Value Added Tax) registration
  5. Other business lisensing 
  6. Working permission as a foreign expat 

Our office address: SOI Sukhumvit 25, 02 Quant building, Level 6, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok, 10110, Thailand. WhatsApp/ Call: +66804056304

Required time frame

  1. Its needed 1 day opening a company
  2. Another 1 days for bank account open
  3. One day for cheque book collection
  4. 7 days for internet banking activation

Business establishment 

  1. Expected cost

Estimated costs of setting up a company start from TB 40,000. In additional costs are excluded such as export import license and ministry permission.

  1. Require shareholder

At the beginning 2 shareholders (foreigner) are required until a company is registered. Later remove one and replace the local Thai partner for a quick processing.

Business setup process:

  1. Limited Liability Company with shares own by 2 persons initially. Later one can be removed if required, depend on business nature.
  2. Some forms shall be sent to print out and signed by the shareholders.
  3. It’s required name of the business, activities, paid up capital information, email and address of the shareholders.

Limited Liability Company

Shares of a new company can be fully own by foreign investors as its allow by Company Act, conditions apply. Let discuss on key points to know the steps:

Proposed business name

To start a new business 3 proposed names are requested to propose to check the availability.


Draft MoA and AoA will be prepared by the lawyer require sign the documents and forms by the shareholder. Process will be started once original documents are received.

Bank account

Next business day can visit the bank to sign on banking documents. And, collect the cheque book in the next day. Wait for 7 days to receive internet/ online baking credentials to email and SMS.


A commercial address is needed to open a new company. Co-sharing or private office rent is ok for the moment.

Number of share holders

One director is needed but it is recommended to keep minimum 2 shareholders for the incorporation. Later, remove one and own full ownership, condition apply. Local Thai partner (shareholder) is needed for a quicker procedure and easy of doing business.

WhatsApp/ Call: +66804056304

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