Hotel business in Malaysia

hotel business in Malaysia

How to start your own hotel business in Malaysia?

Now Malaysia is considered one of the prime tourist destinations among all other Asian countries in the world.

It is also considered as one of the Muslim Tourism for the enormous number of Muslim tourists visiting the country from all around the world during the holiday seasons.

The hospitality industries and hotel business in Malaysia said to be by far the biggest beneficiary of tourism.

The hotel industries all over Malaysia has not just drastic growth in quantity but also in quality and specialty.

World-class hotels from all around the world are quickly taking root and establishing branches of their desire hotels of various classes in Malaysia.

The hotel owners in Malaysia are being able to open their business firms all over the country due the ease and facilities of setting up a Private Limited company also known as Sdn Bhd Malaysia Company and Labuan Company.

When a Malaysian hotel business, the owners must keep few consideration points in mind for success. These consideration points are all targeted on one single point, to make sure that the hotel owners have a solid starting a hotel business and they continue this certain pace of growth.

It is said by many that stronger the start the greater the chances for profitable returns.

The consideration points on which the hotel owners should have keen knowledge about hotel business in Malaysia are given below:

The foreign investors who are interested to open up hotels in Malaysia can come into contact with various business consulting agencies i.e. S & F Consulting firm Limited to get the proper guidance.

These consulting firms can help investors with all sort of legal issues, approvals, license issues etc. to finally overcome their dream. it is known that it just takes 4 different approvals from different authorized or government bodies to start up business activities in Malaysia

major approvals and legal issues can be applied concurrently. The appropriate licenses that required by the hotel owners run their business activities mainly depends on the type and hotel’s star rating.

Example, for a 5 star hotel in Malaysia, the composite licenses are comprised of the following:

When the hotel owner will be done with his/her hotel and considered to be completely ready for use and fully occupied, it is stated they would require a total of 12 approvals for legality issues and aspects.

These approvals mainly depend upon the nature and star rating of the hotel. However, one can apply for 22 approvals depending on the type and number of business activities that will in the hotel. These 22 approvals can be classified in 4 different states.

They are shown below:

For foreigners to get started with hotel business in Malaysia can be and both consuming but yet way too profitable. One has strong and patient to start off hotel business in a foreign location.

Consulting firms like S & F CONSULTING FIRM LIMITED are always there for the foreign investors for all the they have. These business consulting firm can help the hotel owners with all sort of legal issues, licenses, approvals permission they might require faster and in easier way.

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