How to Get a Malaysia Passport

How to Get a Malaysia Passport

Malaysia has many natural resources, a rich history, and culture that make it a great place to stay and even raise a family. It has some of the most breathtaking scenery ranging from beautiful beaches to exotic rain-forests and wildlife.

Coupled with amazing education systems and high health standards, anybody can find the country appealing. Compared to other countries, owning a Malaysian passport is easier. So, let us talk about how to get Malaysia passport.

The country does not, however, allow dual citizenship so one has to let go of their country in order to become a citizen. Citizenship can be gained in different ways such as:

Registration for Malaysian Passport

This allows registration of those who are already lawful citizens of the country but for some reason have not been registered yet.

Those who were born in the country can apply for a passport through registration together with those who were born outside the country but have parents who are citizens.

It doesn't have to be both parents, it can only be one, and the parent may not be a citizen but a permanent resident of the country at the time of birth. For a person to be qualified they have to be younger than 21 years and must have little knowledge of the Malay.


This applies to those who were not born in the country and don't have any ancestral links there. One must meet certain requirements such as a good knowledge of Malay and other conditions set by federal law.

The language knowledge must be adequate and one must be over 21 years. In addition, one must have lived in the country for more than 10 years, with 12 months before the application is crucial.

Investment program

This is a scheme set by the government and is called Malaysia my second home program. In a bid to expand foreign investments, the government decided to give potential investors a way to stay for longer in the country by acquiring long-term visas that allow them to stay for up to 10 years.

This program makes it easier to acquire a passport after the period has elapsed so long as one is willing to give up their country of origin. Before then, investors are given freedom to move in and out of the country as they wish.

Other than passing medical tests and background checks, one has to have made an investment of RM 1 million and passed all the other requirements.

How it works

Some of the documents one needs are a birth certificate, identification card, entry permit, identification cards of two people who recommended you and an application form which is available online.

The next step if filling the form accurately ensuring that other documents such as passport photographs are attached. Additional documents may be necessary for those who have spouses applying with them or who are already residents.

After verification that every detail is filled in properly, you have to wait. The form can be submitted online on the official government website. In case of any questions or concerns, one has to visit the offices physically.


When it comes to how to get Malaysia passport, most people find it hard to let go of their countries of origin. Even though living in Malaysia has many benefits, this is often considered one of its disadvantages. Well, now you need to know small business ideas in Malaysia to set up a business there.

It is also important to note that the registration process takes time with most people waiting for years before getting feedback. Chances of the application being turned down are also available so one needs to be prepared for either outcome. 


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