How to register SSM in Malaysia With Easy Guidelines

  • How to register SSM in Malaysia

This article will provide all the information on how to register SSM in Malaysia. You will know how to make an SSM company search using ssm-einfo. You will get all the information on how to start Sole Proprietorship or Partnership business in Malaysia.
If you want to start a company in Malaysia then there are a few simple steps. You can register your company under Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM).

Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM)

The statutory body which regulates companies and businesses in Malaysia is Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM). This statutory body came into action on April 16, 2002. The merge between the Registrar of Companies (ROC) and the Registrar of Business (ROB) made this statutory body.
SSM acts as an agency to help incorporate companies and register businesses. It is also a great source to find company and business information.
SSM online ( provides all the information. You can find information about finance and company profiles on the Government website (

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Company Corporate Values of SSM

1. SSM is committed to building trust and credibility among the organizations by encouraging collaborations with their partners.

2. As a leader of good corporate governance SSM strive to serve their customers with respect and provide quality advice.

3. SSM encourages their employees to enhance their competency, skills, and knowledge.

4. high standards and strive to exceed them is set by SSM

5. Commitment to superior work ethics which is consistent with SSM’s code of ethics.

SSM is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the following legislation:

  • Companies Commission of Malaysia Act 2001
  • Companies Act 2016 (Act 777)
  • Interest Schemes Act 2016 (Act 778)
  • Registration of Businesses Act 1956 (Act197)
  • Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2012
  • Trust Companies Act 1949 (Act 100)
  • Kootu Funds (Prohibition) Act 1971 (Act 28)

How to Register SSM online

  • How to Register SSM online

You might have a question in your mind on how to register SSM Online. You can register your company online. There is a government website to do this. ( We recommend you go physically to the SSM counter for registration if you register your business for the first time. After successfully registering offline, you can use the online portal later. It’s a good way to renew or modify your business details later.

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Why should you register your online business with SSM?

  • Your business will be registered as a legal entity.
  • It will boost your customer confidence
  • Only legally registered businesses can apply for Malaysia Payment Gateway.
  • It allows users to verify business information
  • It will assist the Government in supporting any development of the business community.

How to register SSM Company in Malaysia:

  • How to register SSM Company in Malaysia:

These steps will allow you how to register SSM in Malaysia easily.

  • Prepare company names
  • Check company name availability
  • Complete “BORANG PNA 42” form to register a Company Trade Name
  • Complete “BORANG A” form to register your company
  • Submit both forms to SSM Head Office

Prepare company names

Choosing a trade name rather than your personal name is good. It looks professional. You need three name suggestions to be written down on “BORANG PNA 42” form.
The business name is the official name of the person that owns the company and is your legal business name. You will use this name on all Government forms and applications.
Trade names are the names set by the business owner. The public will see this name, and you will use this name for all types of marketing and sales purposes.

How To Check SSM company name availability.

  • How To Check SSM company name availability.

If your desired name is already registered, then you cannot use it. Prepare three names in your mind. You can easily check your selected name on the website.

Steps On How to search names online:

  • At first go to
  • Then click Register
  • Fill the Registration Form, then press submit
  • Now log in
  • Under Company and Business information, Click on Search
  • Then enter your selected name in the box
  • After successful completion, Your search results will show from SSM

Complete “BORANG PNA 42” form to register a Company Trade Name.

For registering your Trade Name, you must put your top three names selected, as mentioned above, in the first section of BORANG PNA 42. You must state the type or nature of your business you are registering.

Complete “BORANG A” form to register your company.
If you are registering for a Trade Name, you must fill this form and attach your “BORANG PNA 42” form with this one.

Submit both forms to the SSM Head Office address provided below:

Head Office:
No 7, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5
Kuala Lumpur Sentral
50323 Kuala Lumpur

Operation hours:
Day: Monday – Friday
Service Counter: 8:15 AM – 4:15 PM

SSM Contact Centre:
Tel: 03-7721 4000
E-Mail: [email protected]

SSM Registration Requirements

  • Owner or partners must be a Malaysian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Malaysia
  • Owner or partners must be aged 18 years and above
  • Only owner or partners is allow to submit an application

When you reach the head office, you must go to level 14. Give both of the forms to the counter so they can have a quick check on the forms. If some changes need, then they will say. Get your number for Registration purposes. You must bring your Identity Card along with you. After successful submission, you have to wait. Waiting time depends on the pressure.

SSM Registration Fees

  • SSM Registration Fees

  • Sole proprietorship using a personal name as stated in the identity card – RM30
  • Sole proprietorship or partnership using trade name – RM60
  • Registration of branches – RM5 for each branch

General Guidelines On How To Register SSM:

  • General guidelines:

  • Register your business thirty days from the starting of your business.
  • The nature of the registered business should not contravene any laws or likely to be used for unlawful purposes or any purpose prejudicial to or incompatible with the security of the Federation, public order, or morality
  • A new business registration is valid for one year and does not exceed five years on each registration.
  • Business owners are responsible for obtaining licenses, permits, or approval letters from relevant authorities to operate their business even though businesses have been registered with SSM.
  • People who carry out business without registering commit an offense under the ROBA 1956. If found guilty, will be fined not exceeding RM50000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or both.
  • You will get Business Registration Certificate within one hour from the payment transaction is made.


Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) is basically the government agency. It regulates and oversees corporate and business affairs in Malaysia. If you are starting a business in Malaysia, then you need all the information above. After reading, you can continue on how to register SSM in Malaysia and the company incorporation process with SSM.

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