Most Important industries in Malaysia

In Malaysia there are several types of industries. Several industries flourish well in Malaysia and there are several industries which establish in Malaysia. Malaysia is a country where various opportunities are given and the country is also good for sustainability.

The industries in Malaysia are mostly 90% large and successful, they have better industrial environment and placements in job. In the recent statistics it shows that Malaysia is ranked 23rd in the economy in the world. The country has been growing in advancement because of their continuous development in industries.

In Malaysia there are over 100 different industries which are successfully established. In a recent record the country was placed 11th for global manufacturing. This record shows that the important and successful industry in their country is the manufacturing, engineering and building and construction industry.

The following are the important of industries in Malaysia;

Construction industry:

This industry in the country is worth $32 billion. In Malaysia Construction industry, building places the largest contribution in the country, the share amount is 34.6%. This share amount is also along with the contribution of civil engineering with the share of 30.6%. The major share contribution has helped the extension of Malaysia’s Construction sector. There are also major government projects for the public and private sector.

Here is the following table stating the share contribution of Constructions;

Particulars Share amount
Non-residential buildings 34.6%
Civil engineering sub-sector 30.6%
Residential building 29.7%
Special trades 5.1%

Here is the following table stating the share contribution of States;

States Share amount
State of Selangor 24.5%
State of Johor 16.5%
Kuala Lumpur 15.8%
Sarawak 8.6%
Penang 6.4%

These top states have a total share of 70% worth construction projects in Malaysia.

Electrical and electronics industry:

The electrical and electronics (E&E) sector is the top manufacturing sector in Malaysia. There is a record which states that the contribution of this industry is 32.8% is the total exports of 2013. The E&E is a sector which takes charge of fulfilling the insatiable of the world’s technological equipment such as mobile devices, storage devices, optoelectronics and embedded technologies.

Within large sectors the E&E in Malaysia is the global distributor for over 50 companies. Some of the branches are well-known such as Intel, Texas, etc. The firms which have Malaysia owners in the are Globetronics, Green Packet, and other more. There are many other sub-sectors in this industry which produces large value in this industry.

Automotive industry:

This industry is a total developed industry in the country where they have 27 producers for vehicles and 640 manufacturers for automotive parts. Among the Southeast Asia, Malaysia ranks the 3rd largest in this industry and in global ranking Malaysia places 23rd in the world.

This industry holds up to 4% which is around 9 billion of total Malaysian GDP in this sector where the provision of employment is 700,000 Malaysians from all over the nation. This industry has been for a very long time, which is from the British colonization. This industry was established in 1967 where this industry’s target was to develop the national scale of Malaysia.

The government has done various effort to develop this industry. In 1980 the ensure the development of this industry was started. One of the successful efforts is the Proton. Later in 1990, the government established another car company called Perodua.

Machinery equipment:

In Malaysia there are currently 1,418 companies in all types of forms in different kinds of sectors. Some of the different forms in this industry are as follows;

  • Multiple fields
  • Power generator
  • Metal working
  • Specialized process
  • Industrial parts

These sectors include in the involvement of 197 companies where the production is a semi-conductor. Whereas 143 companies are involved in robotics and factory systems. Malaysia is the leading industry of automation. Well, you may want to know about recruitment agencies in Malaysia.

Malaysian M&E companies are capable of providing world-range international quality services which also includes functions such as designing and developing, test simulation, software programming, fabrication and integration. This industry produces advanced machinery and can integrate by themselves into global supply chains.

Advantages of starting a business in Malaysia:

  • The country has various successful industries
  • Their main industries involve in engineering and technical sectors
  • Most of their industries are the top activities in the world
  • There are some industries which are not allowed to function in the country
  • There are also some countries who are not allowed to start any industries in Malaysia.
  • The country comprises of skilled people in their sector
  • Malaysian Government encourages most of the countries around the world to start new industry or business in the country.
  • Malaysia is a good country of development.


Which is the least industrial function in Malaysia?

The industry which is related to wood and electrical fixation is not very much considered in Malaysia.

What is the top industry of Malaysia?

Electronic, automotive and construction are the top and leading industries of the country.

Does Malaysia allow foreign countries to establish a new industry?

Yes! Malaysian Government encourages foreigners to start new industry in the country.


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