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Incorporation of company Malaysia

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Incorporation of company Malaysia

Process of incorporation of company Malaysia is not complicated by easier if it is done in right way. Incorporation of Company in Malaysia as SDN BHD, private limited company, is most of the investor’s preferable one. There are two share holders minimum requirement of incorporation of company. Some other places can be found additional two local directors needful as government policy is not correct. Incorporation of company as SDN BHD, private limited in Malaysia can be formed without local partners. In that case, how to do it will be guided when we shall be contacted? Fees of incorporation of company Malaysia is lower, start from RM 5000 to RM 15000. Small enterprises for incorporation of company in Malaysia are RM 5000 only including government and our consultation fees.

Registration of company Malaysia

RM 500,000 is needful for registration of company Malaysia as foreign investors but RM 2 is allowed also as lowest number. You may have questioned whether office is needful or not? Yes, office is needful for the medium and large companies but not necessary always. Small companies can skip to rent a physical office. Virtual office can be alternate way of renting an office in Malaysia. Registration of company in Malaysia may need 3 to 7 days if fully efforts are given and documents are delivered us on time after signing by the directors/ share holders.

How to incorporate a company in Malaysia

Promoters/ share holders shall give us their passport copy and put signature on prescribe forms those will be given them.  Appointing company secretary for each company is mandatory as law. All formalities of incorporating a company in Malaysia shall be done by company secretary.

As part of incorporation of company in Malaysia investors may need to have business visa/ investor visa or work permit to open company bank account. Obtaining business/ investor visa remittance of RM 500,000 have to make sure to Malaysia from mother country. Not only for opening bank account but other facilities also be enjoyed if remittance RM 500000 is ensured. You can apply for MM2H program (Malaysia my second home).

Exception of some export/import business most of business is allowed to startup. What licensing may need to startup new company? 1. Company Incorporation from SSM 2. Halal License 3. Export / import license 4. Manufacture license 5. Industry setup license from concern department 6. Immigration clearance.

Company incorporation certificate from SSM is sufficient for incorporation of company Malaysia for small/ medium business.

Min. Partners2 (two)
Min. CapitalRM 2 to RM 500,000
Required papersPassport
Required licenseCompany Incorporation
Time line3 to 7  days
Business officeNot necessary
Local partnerNot necessary
Business/ investor visaNot necessary

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