IT Companies in Malaysia

When we think about a nation growing at a fast pace, the first reason for such progression often occurs due to the developments of information technology in that nation. Malaysia seems to be in the race for such a development process.  With no doubt, it can be estimated IT companies are increasing by the number here as the time is progressing.

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Contributions of IT Companies

Along with other commercial niches available, industries related to information technology is also seemed to be in great demand, both locally and internationally.  Need not to say that a chunk of revenue is been added every year from the portion of IT industries. The rise of IT companies has yet not seen its bottom, the numbers of companies are still rising, and so are the competitions.

More and more foreign IT companies are adding up each year to set up their regional headquarters. Looks like IT companies in Malaysia are on the verge of a technological revolution, and this is pushing the nation even at a faster rate in this present world dominated by information technology.

Why IT companies in Malaysia are so much in demand?

Multinational business organizations are rapidly rising in Malaysia. These international business bodies either setting up their regional headquarters or build up a whole new company with a new entity under the umbrella of a mother organization. More business bodies mean more competition.

In such a tough competitive environment, each and every single company seeks a better, faster, and more accurate way to correspond with their valued clients. What could be more appropriate than connecting business with information technology, when such Competitions are on the head?

Benefits of IT Companies

In order to maintain healthy competition in the business field, no company can ignore the strength of technology. IT companies have a big role in such a scenario. They provide required technological solutions and bring optimized operational solutions out of a company. On the other hand, IT support can bring out automation and solve time-consuming tasks with ease.

All those benefits along with many others made IT industries very enticing in this thriving economy. Most of these information technology companies focused on assisting in the development of various office solutions such as Bespoke ERP, CRP, Office schedulers, custom virtual office assistants, etc. IT companies here are also directly involved in the developments of automation software for manufacturing companies, software for automobiles, vehicles, and other electronic home appliances as well.

Another aspect of corporate demand comes in the form of security. As digital data is taking over manual paperwork. Keeping those data safe and sound is also a matter of big concern now. Every company follows some level of confidentiality as far as company data is concerned. Providing the right security to those data is vital for the business. Major IT companies in Malaysia take that charge in hand and develop appropriate solutions to serve such security purposes.

List of major IT companies in Malaysia

Major national and international IT companies in Malaysia offer various technical services. The list below gives a good view of some of the renowned software development services in Malaysia:

Software development firms in Malaysia

  1. Nimble AppGenie
  2. Ballard chalmers
  3. Rootsquare Technologies
  4. IRIS Corporation BERHAD
  5. EDUSPEC Holdings BERHAD
  6. GoodCore Software
  7. Synverse Innovation Web and Mobile App Development Agency
  8. Team4solution
  9. Ingenious Lab Sdn Bhd
  10. APPASIA Bhd

There are several other companies running at a full pace to offer IT supports. Although these companies don’t come up with full-fledged software developments, but develop and manufacture IT equipment and provide relevant technology services on demand. A major portion of such companies have been listed in the table below:

Digital service providers in Malaysia


IT equipment manufacturing and supply company in Malaysia


Multinational IT-based companies operating in Malaysia

Most of these companies mentioned above work for various heavy engineering companies as well as various other multinational technology businesses operating in this nation. Most of these multinational companies are world-renowned and are working in Malaysia for many years. These companies have speeded their corporate wings throughout the world. Some of such giant companies include:

  • Intel corporation
  • IBM
  • DXC Technologies
  • Dell Technologies
  • Tech Mahindra ICT services
  • HCL Axon Malaysia Sdn Bhd
  • HP
  • Samsung electronics
  • Nielson
  • Microsoft
  • PayPal

and many more. These well-known corporate giants demand a whole lot of local software, IT, and data support when acting in Malaysia. All these demands call for numerous numbers of IT companies here in Malaysia.

Another thing that has to be kept in mind is that information technology companies not only work for international businesses but constantly serve local businesses and residents on demand. These companies are even on standby to serve for government projects when go under standard contracts and formalities.

Other services provided by IT companies in Malaysia

IT companies in Malaysia are not confined to software developments and tech. support services only. These companies often contribute various technical training services to young learners and skill-seeking employees.  As a result, these companies not only come out with software, tools, and tech tips to the clients but also with skill buildup training services in the nation.

Not only they are in training fields, but IT industries in Malaysia are also working as a joint venture with the government itself to upgrade the digital communication and network backbone of the nation. This, therefore, is another good way to contribute knowledge and skills for the betterment of Malaysia.

There are many other IT companies in Malaysia that have not been mentioned in this article. Nevertheless, mentioned or not, IT businesses in Malaysia are constantly evolving and spreading up for good here in Malaysia. Information technology industries, hence, contribute the society at a constant rate. They are actively responding to pull up the nation’s economic and social values before the global business environment. Well, now you may want to know about Licensing in Malaysia.


Is it possible to open a foreign IT company in Malaysia?

Yes, it is very much possible. You just need to go through a proper company registration process in Malaysia to do so.

What is the biggest IT company in Malaysia?

There are many IT companies, which set their position on the leaderboard. However, companies like Ballard Chalmers, Rootsquare Technologies, Nimble AppGenie are well known.

Is Malaysia a good place to start an IT business?

Yes, definitely, Malaysian corporate authority constantly encourages local as well as foreign IT startups and businesses to flourish in Malaysia.

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