About Mauritius standards bureau – MSB

Mauritius standards bureau

About MSB:

Mauritius standards bureau (MSB) is a corporate body which was formed under the Mauritius standards bureau act 1993. The bureau is responsible for standardization, quality assurance, testing and metrology and also exhibits confirmation of assessments. The custodian of national measurement standards is for mass, length, force, temperature, pressure and electricity. MSB is the member of most of important organizations such as international organization for standardization (iso), international electrotechnical commission (iec) and african organization for standardization (arso).

MSB has 5 technical divisions for the core functional activities which are the standards development division, quality assurance division, chemical division, metrology division and engineering division. These divisions are guided from the support services also along with finance, marketing, general administration, human resources, documentation and information services.

Consumer protection act:

The consumer protection came to existence from 1st october 2017. It is the regulation set up for safety requirements and offshore companies in Mauritius. This regulation if for the purpose of verification which is the certificate of conformity (COC).  The enforcement authority is given by ministry of industry, commerce and consumer protection.

Procedure of MSB:

Documentations to MSB:

The documents to be submitted for MSB are as follows;

The duration of receiving the certificate takes around 2 to 5 working days.

The fee charged for the certificate is around 700 mur for each certificate which is charged by MSB.

Certificate confirmation:

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