New technology in China - Innovations toward a better future

New technology in China - Innovations toward a better future

When the world is rapidly moving forward with the help of science and technology, few nations are way advanced in this race than others. China is one of such major nation that is placed in the leaderboard of technological advancements. All credit goes to constant innovation and new technology in China.

China has long plans for its technological advancements, science, research, and innovation. The future can already be reflected to their present progressions. They have, however, focused mainly on fields such as: telecommunication technology, machine learning, and AI, Space science, Supercomputer, security and surveillance, renewable energy and many more.

Telecommunication technology

This country is involved with superior telecommunication innovations. New technologies of China involve new generation telecommunication and mobile connectivity products. Major telecommunication companies such as Xiaomi or Huawei constantly coming up with mobile and communication devices that represent cutting edge technology.

Huawei have recently introduced 5G technology in the market, which have opened a new door for digital communication and connectivity. Mobile companies, on the other hand, are coming out with new innovations in their products every now and then to beat the existing global leaders. These keep China at a leading position among with other global competitors.

Machine learning and AI

Another sector that china tech gurus are constantly focusing upon is machine learning and AI. Scientists are constantly tweaking and re-tweaking with Artificial Intelligent and machine learning technologies. Such works and developments are vastly fueling autonomous commute technologies, robotics, development of supercomputers, and more delicate technologies. Moreover, New technology in China includes implementing AI on the security sector that took a bolder leap in China’s technological scenario.

Super Computer

When machine learning and AI is on the development, a big leap took place in the sector of supercomputer developments. These exceptionally strong computers are developed to carry out complex research and technological activities such as quantum physics and complex scientific research and calculations.

China’s Sunway Taihulight has considered one of the top three strongest supercomputers existed in the world currently. This phenomenon work of technology is located at the National Super Computer Center, Wuxi, Jiangsu in China. This computer is three times faster than its predecessor Tianhe-2.

Space science

A fascinating field that China took in interest is space science. China has recently invested a huge amount on space research and developing new technologies that aid space studies.  As a result, new technologies in China are coming to light. Recently, the country has introduced various advanced satellite and shuttle programs to acquire deeper knowledge about vast universe and celestial objects in space.

The Chang’e-4 probe, for instance, has been having recently landed on the dark side of the moon for the first time to carry out research on the undiscovered lunar phase. They have even planned to launch an artificial moon type satellite in Chengdu. The Hongyun project satellite has been launched recently to provide strong broadband support at the rural level of the nation.

New innovation in China now have included FAST, also known as the Five Hundred Meter Aperture Spherical Telescope. The operation of this giant radio telescope has been started in September this year. It is the largest single aperture radio telescope in the world and demonstrates the strength of new technology of China for this relevant scientific sector.

Security and surveillance

The government of China have massively improved their national security and surveillance services.  This country is now a top ranked nation for having maximum number of surveillance cameras and detection probs throughout its major cities. In present china have concentrated on next generation bio-matric identification and on-motion face detection technologies.

With no doubt, these are cutting edge technologies. The aim is to implement maximum crime and criminal detection to minimizing social anomalies. This improved technologies therefore ensures improved social security at present Chinese scenario.

Renewable energy

A big leap of technological improvement coming from the sector related to the renewable technology. China have recently introduced new technologies that allowed them to focus on generating energies that has no adverse reaction on the environment. They have targeted basic elements of nature such as sun, wind, water, to generate energy in mass volume.

New technology in China allowed the nation to build the largest floating solar plants in the world, here in China. The innovative paved solar panels on some of their highways are turning out to be very innovative. The environment friendly mega projects China is recently coming up with are absolutely jaw-dropping.

When they are developing eco-friendly power solutions, major automotive companies in China are strongly focusing on electronic vehicles. Instead of depending on fossil fuels, which have diverse effect on the environment, car manufacturing companies are now massively developing electronic vehicles, or e-vehicles that entirely run on high capacity electric batteries.

In present time, the government have introduced large numbers of electronic public transports and their relevant charging stations which will favor of the environment.

Infrastructure and other innovations

New technology in China doesn’t just confine in those sectors mentioned above. Their long-term development plans are obvious in the nation’s infrastructure and electronic innovations as well. China is constantly coming up with infrastructure marvels. Mega structure that include roads, tunnels and bridges, all have the touch of modern art and cutting-edge technologies.

When infrastructures are splendidly growing in this land of the Great Wall, technology companies are also coming up with competitive consumer technologies such as Improved OLED, flexible display technologies in mobile devices, blockchain technologies and next generation cryptocurrencies, more powerful yet power efficient microprocessors, immersive technologies, wearable technologies and level-5 automation.

At the end, when we talk about status of new technology in China. The answer is, it is booming. Flourishing at an exponential rate, this nation doesn’t seem to stop anywhere soon. China rolled into this field with an ultimate mission to lead the rest of the world. So far, it seems like that they are on the right path and will reach to their target very soon.

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