New Zealand Permanent Residency

Are you planning to migrate to New Zealand as a permanent resident but you are not sure how? This article intends to clear your doubts and queries to help you make the right decision. People tend to reach higher in every aspect of their lives. That is why people tend to migrate. If they are not convinced that their country of residence does not promise them a good life or due recognition for their education they may want to migrate. Or they may just want a change of lifestyle altogether. People tend to migrate to wealthy, developed and safe countries. New Zealand is a country that ticks all those boxes.

It is a well-developed country with high-quality living standards. Thus, people want to migrate there for a better life. To hold New Zealand permanent Residency, first, you must hold a resident visa for 2 years. The following are the categories that you can get resident visas to New Zealand.

1. Skilled Migrant category resident visa

Under this category, New Zealand invites skilled people. Certain skills are in demand in the country. If you are successful in getting this visa, then you can sponsor your family & dependents and live here permanently.

First, you must submit an EOI (Expression of Interest) to the immigration department of New Zealand. In this, you must mention your employment details, qualifications & work experience. This visa is based on a points system. You must get 160 points or above to be eligible. You must also be 55 years or less to apply. If your application is successful you can live work and study in New Zealand indefinitely.

2. Partner of a New Zealander resident visa

If you are a partner of a New Zealander or a permanent resident you can apply under this visa. All other conditions are as same as the skilled Migrant category resident visa. If your partner is a New Zealand citizen and you two have been together for 5 years or more, you may apply for this visa.

3. Long Term skill shortage visa

Every year, the government of New Zealand issues a Long-term skill shortage list. If you have the qualifications and have found employment relevant to your educational qualifications, then you can apply for this type of visa. You will be considered for a job under this category if there is a shortage of New Zealanders to do the same.

You cannot include your partner or dependents under this scheme. But they can apply for a visa based on the relationship to you.

4. Long Term Skill shortage list Resident visa

If you are a holder of the Long-Term skill shortage visa for two years. Then you can apply for this visa.

5. Parent Retirement visa

Parents of New Zealand citizens or permanent residents can apply under this scheme. The applicant must have an annual income of NZ$. 60,000 + an investment of NZ$1,000,000 for 4 years. Also, the applicant must show another NZ$.500,000 to live on.

6. Dependent Child resident visa

Children of New Zealand citizens or permanent residents may apply under this category.

7. Parent resident visa

Parents of New Zealand adult citizens or permanent residents may apply under this category.

8. Investor Resident Visa

Experienced businessmen who meet the financial requirement can apply under this visa. They may also include their spouses and children.

Investor 1 category: You must have NZ$. 10 million for over 3 years

Investor 2 category: You must have NZ$.3 million for over 3 years

9. Australian Resident visa holders may also apply for New Zealand permanent residency.

Australian citizens & residents may travel, work & live in New Zealand. You will not need a visa to travel to the country.

10. Religious worker visa holders

Religious workers who have been doing religious work in New Zealand on a valid religious work visa may apply for resident visa. The applicant must have completed 3 years in the country. To apply you must have an offer and sponsorship from the religious organization you are serving.

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11. Community sponsored refugee resident visa

This visa is for applicants who are recognized as refugees. An approved community organization must sponsor you. If your application is successful, you will be granted New Zealand permanent residence.

12. Entrepreneur work visa

This visa is for experienced business people who want to work in their own business in New Zealand. How this visa works is, you can set your business within 12 months then sustain for 3 years. If your business is successful, you may apply for permanent residence.

13. Refugee family support visa

If you have a family member who lives in New Zealand under Refugee visa, they can sponsor your application for New Zealand Residence.

14. Intercountry Adoption Resident visa

If you are a New Zealand resident or citizen who has adopted a child from overseas, you may apply under this visa category. The child may then come and live with you in New Zealand. Upon receiving residence, the child can live with you in New Zealand indefinitely.

15. Second or subsequent Resident Visa

In case you want to return to New Zealand to live but your Residence visa has expired, then you may apply for this visa.

16. Talent (Arts, Culture, Sports)

Work Visa: If you have a talent in these fields & you have the support of a nationally recognized New Zealand Organization

Resident Visa: If you hold a Talent work visa, have been actively engaged in your declared field in New Zealand for 2 years & are prominent you can apply for resident visa.

17. Pitcairn Islander Resident visa

Pitcairn Islanders can apply under this category if they are offered skilled employment in New Zealand.

These are the most popular visa categories that you may get a Resident visa in New Zealand. Holders of resident visa may apply for New Zealand permanent residency after 2 years.

Benefits of holding a New Zealand permanent residency:

  • You may live in New Zealand indefinitely
  • You can enter and exit the country as you please with no restrictions
  • You can apply for citizenship after living the initial period as a permanent resident
  • There will be no restrictions for you to work, live or study in the country.
  • You will pay domestic fees not international fees for your studies
  • You are entitled to get medical & social security benefits
  • Children born to permanent residents in New Zealand will be citizens by birth

- How is the point system calculated for New Zealand Permanent Residency?

The minimum points required is 100. You are scored according to your age, educational qualifications, employment opportunities in New Zealand, skills & experience. Your spouse also may contribute to your overall score.

On this link, you will find a guide to the point system point indicator for New Zealand PR. But only an immigration officer can award you points during your assessment. Points indicator NZ Immigration

You may think there are many steps to this process & it may seem a tedious task. But I can assure you that your efforts will not go in vain. You will find New Zealand a haven to you & your loved ones.

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