Obtaining an Experience Certificate in Qatar

Qatar is currently one of the most bustling economies in the Middle East, as such it is viewed to be one of the most popular destinations for overseas nationals to seek employment. Qatar also is one of the highest ranked countries in terms of job security and satisfaction. Whether you’re a seasoned worker or a fresh graduate, Qatar will certainly have an opening and a job for you.

In order for you to get the job you always dreamed about in Qatar, you will need certification that attests all your qualifications and previous experiences. These documents can be requested for by your previous place of employment. However, by the Qatar policy as of 2016, you will need them to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign affairs as an extra precaution for your potential employers. Moreover, by having this certificate on hand, without it being requested first, will put you at the forefront of future employers as you may be viewed as much more organized than most.

The procedure for obtaining your experience certificate attested is the same as getting any other document attested. In which it means that it is to go through the same process required by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar (MOFA) for attestation. An in depth guide to MOFA can be read here.

In order for you to apply for your Experience certificate to be attested, you will have to go through the procedures needed by the following government bodies:

  • A Notary Attestation by the governing body in your country of origin
  • An attestation from the Foreign affairs Embassy from your country of origin
  • An attestation from the Qatar Embassy in your country
  • An attestation from the Ministry of foreign affairs of Qatar

In order to file for these applications, do ensure that you have the following documents ready:

  • The original certificate of experience
  • A clear copy of your passport
  • Proof of payment of QR 100 as attestation fee.

We understand that this process may seem complicated or even impossible. However, if you contact us at S & F Consulting, we will be more than happy to do the work for you. At S&F our goal is to always ensure that you, the customer has a completely stress-free experience. As officially registered agents in Qatar, we ensure that your application for attestation will go along without a hitch and obtaining a police clearance certificate in Qatar. If you have any questions, feel free to talk to one of our friendly customer service agents. The best part is, advice is free of charge! Also, you need to check about computer card renewal form Qatar.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Experience Certificate?

The Experience Certificate is a document that lists and attests all your qualifications and previous experiences. You can think of it as being similar to your CV.

Is it compulsory to have an experience certificate?

Yes, as of 2016, all places of employment will request an attested experience certificate.

How much will this procedure cost?

The general attestation fee for all documents in Qatar (exempting documents related to commerce and business) have a nominal fee of QR 100 per document.

How long will this take?

After all the relevant documents are submitted successfully, this process should take approximately 2 business days to be completed. You will then be mailed your attested certificate.


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