Opening a sdn bhd Company in Malaysia

Opening a company in Malaysia

Foreign entrepreneurs ask regularly what is the process of opening bhd company in Malaysia by of Ringgit 3000 to 1 million. Nonresidents can open bhd company and can’t proprietorship business as law.

Law and rules are changing time to time as same at the beginning 2 were required to open SDN BHD company. But as new changes:

“No more fees on authorized capital” “No need 2 shareholders” and some other changes are made.

Steps of opening a company in Malaysia are:

Step one

Company Proposed Name Approval (Name should be meaningful)

Step twoRequired documents submission to SSM for company registration Malaysia (Secretary will do it)
Step threeRent office, take picture of furniture, layout plan, fill up form and apply for Sign Board and Premise license
Step fourEPF and SOCSO licenses are need as law of country
Step fiveExport and import license if need and ensure sample copy to be approve
Step sixHalal license and WRT if business is relating of soft drink and retail and whole sale
Step sevenSubmit all required papers to ESD to register business (if have plan of visa application)
Step eight

Now apply for employment visa and hire foreign staffs.

Required investment capital


Ringgit 250,000 (if have plan to hire foreign staffs)

Joint VentureRinggit 350,000 minimum where local partner will hold maximum number of shares (if have plan of visa application)
100% foreign ownershipRinggit 500,000 to 1.5 million or above if have plan to apply for visa.
100% foreign ownership but without visa application

Ringgit 3000 to 4000 is OK.

Yes, opening sdn bhd company in Malaysia takes normally 3-5 days if no incident from SSM. Proposed business name is rejected normally being no vacant. So, it’s advised to prepare 3 (three) business name and apply one by one.

SDN BHD Registration cost

As of opening SDN BHD company in Malaysia if the entrepreneur is is advised to know the process, cost and . Discussion with consultant about plan is idea.

Showing capital initially 1 million or above decision is unnecessarily and useless that is wrongly suggested by some consultant. Genuine businessmen do not scare of employment visa rather focus on business as is secondary that will obtain on time.

Main reasons visa application rejection are doubtful by immigration department as no fruitful business but intention on for the director! Many entrepreneurs do not know that after opening bhd company there are some other licenses require to start lawfully.

In case of new businessmen is suggested to make a good plan and prepare financial forecasting and share them with bankers to feel comfortable about opening account.

Bank account rejection is regular practice as lack of pre-planning by the entrepreneurs. It is suggested to know the whole process from good consultant how to open a company in Malaysia as and open bank account and apply for visa.


Director1 (one)
Company structureSDN BHD (Private limited)
Paid up capitalRM 3000 to 1 million as need
ContactGood consultant


Opening a company in Malaysia is not an issue but running by local staffs is issue and challenging. If the director has no visa to stay in Malaysia longer and monitor business is risky to be successful. Many practical challenges have to take by the foreign directors after open a company. But expenses will not stop but continue even business fall in loss. Well, now you can know about how to register a company in Malaysia online as a foreigner.

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