Registration of companies in Mauritius

Registration of companies in Mauritius

The countries Corporate and Business Registration Department belong to the office of government. this falls under the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. The registrations of the companies in Mauritius is monitored by. There are many advantages of starting a business in Mauritius.

In the information of entities can be obtained from office.

The functions of corporate and business registration department:

Incorporation of business in Mauritius:

Application form of incorporation:

Documents to be submitted to the company registration:

Further documents to be submitted are;

Fee payment of company registration:

Private Company Rs 3000 Rs 3000
Public Company Rs 13500 Rs 13500
Global Business USD 65 USD 65
Summary of the File Rs 200 Rs 100
Request on signed Certificate of Incorporation Rs 300 Rs 300


Can the business registration be done online for Mauritius?

Yes! It is recommended to do online business registration

What is the duration for the completion of business registration?

The business registration can be completed within 1 day

Is it necessary for the directors of the company to be a resident of the country?

It is not necessary for all the directors to be a citizen of Mauritius, but as per the Business Registration Act at least 1 director should be a resident of the country.

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