Setting up a limited liability company in USA

Setting up a limited liability company in USA

Limited liability company in USA features the limited liability protection of business corporation with flexible tax and proper partnership organization structure.

According to the U.S corporate policy, LLC is not a corporation, but an individual entity. It is different from the company owner. In an LLC business any member who manages various aspects of the company is defined as the manager. There is no particular designation as manager as it is not necessary to have a manager in an LLC company.

Why setup an LLC in USA?

Basic things you should know for setup a Limited Liability Company in USA:

  • LLC are not taxed separately in a business entity 
  • It is the choice of the company to become a separate business entity
  • All the profits and losses of the company are provided to each member in the company
  • The report for providing the shares of the company should be noted on their personal federal tax returns.
  • There should be at least be 1 member in LLC where it is not necessary to be a U.S resident and this also valid for the position of a manager
  • LLC need not be an incorporate entity so it comes with the formation of article which is signed by the organizer
  • LLC is based on partnership law where there are no bylaws in the corporation
  • LLC combine operating agreement to govern the company.
  • In USA, LLC is very popular among other types of the company apart from New York.
  • There are 2 new LLC formed in every organization of the country apart from New York
  • LLC can be both simple and difficult according to the owners wish of conduct. There are no legal requirements for having an annual meeting.
  • LLC which has 1 member is considered to be sole proprietorship for tax purpose. But, LLC with more than 1 member is automatically considered to be partnership. For single member it is not necessary to be a tax return in LLC. 

Rules and regulations for setup an LLC in USA

  1. LLC has few regulations compared to the normal traditional companies and therefore it allows members to create more flexible management structure which can be easily done than in any other company
  2. When LLC remains to be abiding the rules and regulations then the operating agreement is responsible for easy alterations of the members of LLC
  3. LLC is the most prevalent business in USA where even single member LLC can get a greater protection of assets of the members compared to operating as an unincorporated entity
  4. Management duties for the company such as fiduciary duties, care and loyalty.
  5. Under 6 Del Section C 18-101 (7) in Delaware LLC agreement of operation it is stated that the ownership percentage and management structure is set up for the fourth member of the capital in the prenuptial agreement
  6. Written agreement of LLC operating agreements must be signed by all the members of the company.
  7. LLC needs to register stating that the company is conducting the business
  8. Each state of the country has different rules and regulations and it is quiet confusing for owners who have small business.
  9. When forming an LLC but the owner of the company, company place and LLC office, if these 3 are not in the same place then the applicant will have to register foreign LLC which shows as transacting business
  10. According to the federal income tax of US, LLC is functioned as the default as a get through entry
  11. According to form 8832 LLC which is single or multiple can be elected as the tax of corporation
  12. Income from corporation is taxed twice which is on the corporate entity level and shareholders contribution
  13. LLC is considered to be the best small business where it is known to be the combination of both simplicity and flexibility.

Duration of LLC registration in USA

As mentioned above there are different states which has different set of rules. Overall for online registration is takes around few minutes and some state’s registration process take even more longer. The complete registration process of limited liability company in USA takes over a week or more.

Cost to set up a Limited Liability Company in USA

Here is the cost of registering LLC in USA:

  • Filing fee comes between $100 to $1,000
  • 1-year company set up cost in USA is around $1,590
  • Engagement fee of corporation cost around $8,900


How many shareholders are required for LLC registration in USA?

1 or more can be chosen

How much investment is required for setting up LLC USA as a foreigner?

Filling fee comes around $100 to $1,000

How to open a bank account as foreign company?

An applicant can open their account when they automatically open their company in USA.

What other license require to start business in USA as a foreigner?

  • Personal details
  • Company details
  • Company legal structure
  • Tax registration
  • Visa requirements

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