Small and profitable business ideas in Canada

What are some of the best small and profitable business ideas in Canada? Many potential entrepreneurs come to us with this very query. So, we have surveyed and evaluated 20 potential business ideas for budding entrepreneurs in Canada.

The aim of this article is to ease entrepreneur’s effort and save time, which otherwise would be wasted in wondering for right trade ideas here. Moreover, we tried to keep all small yet profitable business ideas in our list, so that entrepreneurs from any professional background can get their preferred business ideas in Canada and can think of starting the most suitable one with convenience.

Here is the list of top small and profitable business ideas in Canada:

  1. Cleaning and disinfectant service
  2. Health and fitness center
  3. Web design and development firm
  4. Software development company
  5. Digital marketing firm
  6. Professional Content writing service
  7. Graphics design and animation business
  8. Mobile and PC repairing business
  9. E-commerce
  10. Homemade food catering business
  11. Business incorporation agent
  12. Company bookkeeping and tax preparation service
  13. Legal advisory firm
  14. Day care and babysitting service
  15. Delivery business

List of best small business opportunities in Canada

Above you have already been introduced with some of the best small business ideas in Canada, but do you know each of these businesses can bring you good profits at the end of the day? Let’s see brief descriptions about how each of these businesses can bring you handsome revenue and business ideas in Canada.

Cleaning and disinfectant service

Cleaning and disinfectant service is having the highest demand in current pandemic situation. This is the reason we give it the very first position in our list. The goal of this business is to ensure quality cleaning service at domestic or commercial level. The call for this service is high, but you are expected to have proper knowledge, skilled workforce and tools to get the work done. If the service is up to the mark, you can expect rapid revenue growth for your cleaning business license in Canada.

Health and fitness center

Many Canadian are already pretty much health concern. The pandemic made this number even more. More and more people are now focusing on self health and fitness improvements. This is because, people are well aware about the fact that healthy and fit body has better immunity against diseases. Such awareness boost t he health and fitness center business in Canada. So, if you are looking for small business ideas in Canada, this might be it.

Web design and development firm

As more companies are now prefer to conduct their business online plan in Canada, the getaway to do so is a dedicated company website. The demand for good quality and secure web design and development is ever increasing in Canada. If you have knowledge in this field, you can start your own web design and development business here in Canada. We can assure you that, if your business can come with quality web design and complete website buildup; the profit outcomes will surpass your expectations.

Software Development Company

Similar to the web design and development plan, software Development Company has immense potential in Canada’s corporate field. As more companies doing business relying on online platform, security software, office assistant software and much more bespoke software are of high demand. If you can pillar up a good software company in Canada and can deliver up to the mark business software to your clients, you can expect huge profits at the end of every business deals.

Digital marketing firm

Another business in Canada that is growing fast is the digital marketing. Online based businesses are emerging at an exponential rate, so, digital marketing is turning out to be the best way to keep in touch with huge customers worldwide. A good digital marketing site can set that opportunity for any businesses. If you have strong knowledge on digital marketing field, we strongly recommend o to start commercial venture on this profitable sector in Canada.

Professional Content writing service

If you think that the whole digital marketing can go too bothersome for you, as you have to keep in mind the SEO, graphics design, SEM, content writing etc, you can simply pick the content writing portion and start business with that. Professional content writing for client company’s blogs or websites can bring you good earnings. However, for success, you have to come up with high quality and client oriented contents. Also, you have to ensure that the article abides client company’s recommended guidelines.

Graphics design and animation business

Graphics design and animation always has high demands in gaming, entertainment and mass media advertising fields. Moreover, many digital marketing companies also seek for quality graphics designers in Canada. On the other hand animators have huge calls in gaming and movie production industries here. If you have a team of skilled employee expert in relevant fields, you can earn handsome money in a short period of time in this nation.

Mobile and PC repairing business

The next in the list of small and profitable business ideas in Canada is the mobile and PC repairing and servicing business. If you have skills and experiences in repairing mobile phones and computer, you have a fair business scope in Canada. Once decided to start one, you first need to ensure proper knowledge and skill in this field. Relevant technical diploma certificate can add up your credential in this business. At the end, if you can come up with superior services, there lies a long profitable career ahead of you.


Another business that has immense possibilities in Canadian business arena is the e-commerce. If you think you have to compete with renowned e-commerce sites to sustain in the market, which is definitely very tough, than we recommend you to start local. You can definitely start your e-commerce business keeping in mind your community’s regular needs. You can slowly expand the radius depending on the level of profit and popularities you have earned over time with this business in Canada.

Homemade food catering business

Homemade foods have huge demands in Canada. Whether it is Swiss Chalet-Style Rotisserie Chicken, Nova Scotia Lobster Roll or Butter Tarts, food like these never go spare on the dish. If you know any local chief or cooks, who are experienced in making homemade delicacies, you should start your own homemade food catering business in Canada. If your testy treat indulges the taste buds of your customers, you don’t have to look back in your business career here.

Business incorporation agent

Business setup agents are in high demand, mainly at the corporate centers of Canada, such as Ottawa, Toronto etc. The goal of the business is to assist entrepreneurs in incorporating their businesses in Canada. To set this business, you first need to have clear idea of the whole incorporation process in different states of Canada. You might also need approvals and certifications to be a registered agent in some states. If you are all set, remember that the service quality you provide to your clients will measure your profit margin in this business.

Company bookkeeping and tax preparation service

As the name suggests, the business here involves bookkeeping and tax preparation services for client companies in Canada. You need to have prior knowledge and skill in this field to roll on with these services. Keeping in mind, this is not an amateur level task and you need to have professional knowledge before you finalize service providing deal with any company here. Based on your professional bookkeeping and tax preparation service in the company your revenue will be generated.  

Legal advisory firm

Next in the list is the legal advisory firm. If you are a registered lawyer or have license to practice law and have past knowledge in advising regarding various legal issues, than you might consider this small business idea in Canada. Legal advisory firm has a healthy demand in this country and if you prove to be an effective legal advisor for your clients, you can easily set your profit margin in this particular sector in Canada.

Day care and babysitting service

As life is getting busier, looking after babies and toddlers all the time besides work turns out to be pretty impossible for many in Canada. The safest solution is the day care and babysitting service.  Here basically you can earn by babysitting toddlers and juveniles as individual client request or can set a day care center where clients can leave their babies up to a certain period of time. This business is much simpler amid you have patience, compassion and know how to manage and maintain young kids. 

Delivery business

If you have a spare bicycle, motorbike or a van, you can deploy those on delivering goods to earn money. Using those vehicles on road you can start your own delivery business here. This is one of the small and profitable business ideas in Canada which has huge calls. All it needs is proper handling of deliverable goods and on time delivery. If these aspects are all right, you can see profit within a short period of time.


What are some of the low cost startups in Canada?

Top 5 low cost startup businesses in Canada are:

  • Commercial content marketing
  • Photography
  • Niche retail business
  • Personal trainer
  • Online tutor

What are some of the best business in Canada to start in 2020?

Best businesses in Canada you can start in 2020 are:

  • Online tutoring
  • Business blog writing
  • Graphic design
  • Cleaning service
  • Web design and development

What are the highest demand businesses in Canada?

High demand businesses in Canada are:

  • Real Estate
  • Healthcare service
  • IT support and solutions
  • Online consulting and counseling
  • Organic farming
  • Waste management and recycling

What are 5 top companies in Canada?

5 top companies in Canada according to 2020 survey are:

  1. 3M Canada company
  2. Accenture Inc.
  3. Aboriginal Peoples Television Network Inc.
  4. Agriculture Financial Services Corporation
  5. Air Canada

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