Small Business Ideas in the Bahamas

The Bahamas is a paradise on Earth. Beautiful white sandy beaches, turquoise clear sea and tropical climate with the sun shining all year long. It has and will continue to hosts millions of tourists to it shores yearly.

small business ideas in Bahamas

It is plain to see that all these present an opportunity for those who want it. For anyone in the Bahamas, having a small business, on the side or full time, that benefit from the tourists arrival should make the most sense. If the business is also profitable during the non peak seasons, that would be even better.

It can be a supplementary income to your primary earnings in the beginning, and when the revenues and profits are stable and high enough, you might even consider switching to it yourself. Start small and grow from there.

Here are 5 of the small business ideas that have been proven to be highly rewarding for their owners.

Bed and Breakfast

If you have a family home or a lot of empty rooms, you can consider renting it out to holidaymakers. It is very easy to list your property by using a third party online platform, the most popular being Airbnb.

Craft the photos of your place carefully as that is what your potential renters use to decide whether to stay at your place or not. Photos should be professionally looking, shows airy and bright spaces and if any, the uniqueness of your place. Make sure to give off friendly vibes and be as detailed as possible in the description of your accommodation.

Also please do take the necessary insurance for your place, to be safe. A welcome pack should be waiting for your guests to inform them of the amenities, Wi-Fi password, fire exits and extinguishers and the check out time. Take note when you do list your property for rental, to research what the average rates are for other properties similar to yours. In the beginning, charge lower rates to gain positive reviews. Once you are more established, you can increase the rates. Take into account that the third party platforms that you use also get a percentage of your rentals.

Cleaning Services

You can also profit indirectly from the arrivals of the tourists by providing cleaning services to the many properties for rentals, bed and breakfast and hotels. It is one of the easiest businesses to start as it requires a low capital. All you need are basic cleaning equipments and supplies.

Promote your business directly to residences and businesses near popular tourist spots. Some establishments outsource their cleaning services to save costs while holiday rentals owners usually don’t have time to keep coming in to clean. To promote your services, just use direct marketing right to the owners. You can also use online platforms but it is not as effective for this kind of service. Printout some flyers and go door to door to find potential clients and place your flyers in the local businesses.

Although this business might be quite competitive, it is easy to scale up. Make sure you give good value to your clients by providing great customer service and be competitively priced. You can also provide a multilayered cleaning service that covers windows, pool and even aquariums!

Tour Guide

Being a tour guide at a place with many tourists is a logical choice for a budding small business. Guided tours to famous places all over the Bahamas can provide another memorable layer to travelers/tourists trip there.

To start as a tourist guide, you must have an in depth knowledge of the places you planned to bring your clients. Setup specific information along the routes you take them to. Check with your local authorities if you need to take any qualification tests or licenses. Get all the related insurance and get yourself certified as a first aider as well as an added value.

In crafting your value as a tourist guide, try to be different than the rest. Provide guides to the places not many people know, off the beaten tracks. You can also craft your trips to provide extraordinary experiences instead of the usual beach activities and dining places.

Partner up with the local authorities, businesses, museums and such to promote your business. Putting up signs and advertising your services at famous tourist spots is also a good idea. You can find holiday rentals owners on Airbnb and collaborate with them to provide day tours or hiking trips for instance.

Market Stall

Opening up a market stall can also be one of the most lucrative small businesses to start. It is comparatively cheap to start and maintain. If it’s mobile, especially for food and beverage stalls, then it is an added advantage.

Figure out what kind of products you would like to place at your stall. Trinkets and souvenirs that can’t be found outside your country are of course ideal but most probably there are many others selling those already. Give your products an added value, for example giving it functions more than just a mere pretty looking souvenir.

If you decided to make it a food stall, sell traditional food that is only available in the Bahamas. You can even include a fusion version of it or make it easy, take away food. The good thing about this is that your stall will also be appealing to locals as well and not just adventurous tourists.

Set up your stall in places with a lot of foot traffic. Sometimes it is good to be mobile, but once you are more established, stay in one spot, so that you are easier to find. Of course make sure that you have all the necessary insurance and licenses. Always check with the local authorities for more information.

Personal Chef or Private Dining

If you are particularly good at cooking, a chef or can find one, you could try out this small business. Making beautiful and delicious traditional dishes that offers a whole new dimension to locals and tourists alike is very rewarding. There are many people out there that will pay big bucks to sample it minus the crowds.

As a personal chef or private dining provider, you could provide them with 5 star quality foods and cooking in the privacy of their own lodgings or at a private setting (even your own place!) that you organize yourself. Making it to feel exclusive and special should be the priority. Your menu should include food items or dishes that are rare, unique and can’t easily be found outside. Or a twist to an existing recipe. As a niche, you could also cater to vegans, for instance. Promote this as one of the added value of hiring your services.

As a food and beverages business, utmost importance must be placed on hygiene and acquiring good clean ingredients. Get the necessary health certificates and insurance in case of any eventualities.

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