Technology Companies in Sri Lanka

Technology is the process or method that help us simplify our lives. Nowadays, technology is essential. Technology is different to science. Yet, both science and technology go hand in hand to ease our day to day operations. We use technology at work, home, transportation, learning, manufacturing and also data processing. Technology used in the right way can have positive results. But in the wrong hands it can be deadly!

A majority of Businesses use technology to stay ahead than their competitors. For an example, mobile phone companies such as Apple & Samsung use high-end technology to create new and improved gadgets. They focus on matching the high demand of its consumers by advancing and evolving.

Here are the details of Technology is used in communication, construction, assistive, medical, Information Technology, Entertainment, Business, & Education.

List of Technology companies in Sri Lanka

  • Communication Technology
  • Construction Technology
  • Assistive Technology
  • Medical Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Education Technology
  • Nanotechnology

Communication Technology in Sri Lanka

People use tools like Phones, Computers (E-mail, internet), fax and mobile phones to communicate to each other. Gadgets such as headsets, Bluetooth devices, USB devices compliment those tools.

There are many outlets in Sri Lanka that sell the latest communication equipment. Authorized dealers sell mobile phones, laptops and tabs.

Apple Products: Singer/Abans/ Future world Sri Lanka

Samsung: Singhagiri

Construction Technology in Sri Lanka

Equipment used to build basic and complex structures fall under this category. It includes heavy equipment such as Tractors and cranes necessary to construction. And software developed to use in architecture designing in 2D or 3D.

We find many companies that sell construction technology in Sri Lanka.

Ex: DIMO / Ingco / Caterpillar

Assistive Technology in Sri Lanka

People with disability need help. At the beginning of time there were manually operated equipment. Now we find there are off road wheelchairs or automatic units making it easier for the disabled. This is not limited to only the physically challenged. Children suffering from mental ailments such as autism and learning difficulties use it.

Local tech company Dialog Axiata, created a mobile app for people are short of hearing.

This new app was tested on employees with hearing disabilities. It was exciting to them to be able to hear without the help of hearing aids.

Doctor Anuradha Jayakody with SLIIT (Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology) created a mobile app for people with vision impairment. This mobile app will help people with less vision to read lottery tickets.

Medical Technology in Sri Lanka

Hence, we see the many uses of technology in various areas.

One of the areas that use technology vastly, is the Medical field. It is always evolving and growing. There has been major development in this area during the past five decades.

In Sri Lanka we see that technology used in improving the quality of medical services. E-channeling is a service where an appointment could set with your preferred Doctor. Simply by dialing 225 from a mobile phone or 1225 from a land line we could easily consult a doctor at our preferred hospital.

There is also another service which enables you to talk directly with a doctor. is such one stop shop for all medical needs. They help you connect to doctors; order medicines online and also deliver them home. They also save your medical records for future reference.

Types of Technology Company in Sri Lanka

Information Technology in Sri Lanka

The core of everything technological is perhaps Information Technology. IT means, the use of Computers to revive, store and manipulate data for our convenience. We use computers in every facility. It seems to be an item that businesses cannot run without. So much so that in 2018, the ICT sector earned USD. 995Million. In a short span of five years Sri Lankas’ exports tripled. And the workforce doubled in the same year.

The country is also emerging as a Global Business Process Outsourcing destination. This is due to the low labour costs. The country’s’ software is “world class” and keeps improving.

HSBC, RR DONNELLY, Sysco LABS, Astron, 3SG, Hellcorp, Innodata and WNS Global services have set up Global call centers in the Country.

Sri Lanka is connected to South East Asia Middle east -West Europe 4 (SEA-ME-VIEW-4) project. It is a system that links South East Asia to Europe via the India subcontinent & Middle East. This submarine cable system offers the Country the advantage of speedy internet. Which in turn making the country a more competitive business hub.

Education Technology in Sri Lanka

How is technology applied in the education field? Once again Sri Lankas youth community are a tech savvy bunch. When comparing with the older generation, the youngsters seem to grasp and enjoy technology willingly. One take as such is the virtual classroom concept. It is a method where tuition or classes are conducted online. Students and Teacher all gather in an online chat classroom. This eliminates the necessity to be in a classroom full of desks and chairs with a teacher at a whiteboard. The idea of a virtual class room benefits the teachers and students alike.

By not needing to travel in heavy traffic saves money and gives mental satisfaction to all!

The internet is full of knowledge and information for learning students. Students make use of its resources to enhance knowledge. Nowadays even the schools in Sri Lanka have embraced the idea of a smart classroom. In which, every class room has a smartboard. It is an interactive whiteboard which has access to the internet. Well, now you can check the tips of company registration Sri Lanka.

Nanotechnology in Sri Lanka

Nanotechnology is a new concept that seems very promising. Simply, it means manipulating atoms and molecules for use of larger products. Cosmetic Industry, Textile uses this technology for better production.


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