Thailand Best Retirement Visa Programs: Full Application Procedure and Cost

Thailand is a beautiful country. It is a great country where people all around the world would love to visit the country. It has a big landscape of beaches and other greenery landscapes in Thailand. People would also like to visit the capital of Thailand, which is Bangkok, where a various number of people around the world are seen. In the capital there are lots of vibrance and multi-cultural environment is experienced in this country. Thailand is ranked as the top 50th largest countries of the world. Having this magnificent, country people would also love to visit during their retirement days. Therefore, the country has been so generous to initiate a retirement scheme for elderly people around the world who would like to pay a visit and stay in Thailand for a longer period.

Retirement Visa Programs in Thailand

The retirement visa in Thailand is valid for one year. This visa is also known as “Non-Immigrant OA-Long Stay Visa.” This visa has both single entry and multiple entries. The retirement visa can be renewed again once when the retirement visa is over. The retirement visa in Thailand refers that anyone around the world, which is beyond 50 years old can apply for this visa. Since it is a retirement visa, they cannot work and earn money during their stay in Thailand. So, it is for people who stopped working and would like to have a long vacation in Thailand. The actual meaning behind the word retirement visa is the term called long stay visa. The retirement visa works in a way that when tourist land in Thailand they need to enter in the Non-Immigrant O Visa.

Requirements to Apply

  • The applicant must be at least 50 years to apply the Thailand retirement visa.
  • The applicant should no longer work and should be a retired person to apply this type of visa
  • There should be a monthly pension of 65,000 THB
  • Two months before applying the visa there should be a security deposit of minimum 800,000 deposited in the Thai Bank
  • During the security deposit process the applicant should provide an updated passbook along with a bank letter mentioning that the deposit for an overseas transaction is made before two months.
  • For the monthly pension if there is no specific letter given by the Thailand embassy then there should be 12-month bank statement provided by the bank which deposits 65,000 THB monthly pension
  • Other documents which may or may not be necessary for the requirements are police certificate and medical certificate.
  • Application fee of THB 1,900
  • 2 passport photos
  • A copy of departure card (TM.6)
  • Extension stay form (TM.7) should be attached with the passport along with contact details and signature
  • Address proof such as utility bills and rental agreements

Cost to Apply Thai Retirement Visa Program

  • Bank account presenting THB 800,000
  • Pension income THB 65,000
  • Bank Account and income for 12 months is THB 800,000
  • Application fee of THB 1,900

How to Apply for the Retirement Visa?

How to Apply the Retirement Visa?

The application should be applied as a 90-day non-immigrant visa from his or her own country. This process will be proceeded along with the help of Thailand immigration officers. The documentation takes around 6-7 business days. After all, these steps proceeding with the visa process will be quite simple. After the arriving in Thailand, the immigration officers will help the applicant in opening a local bank in Thailand. After two months they will help in receiving a letter from the bank as proof of the security deposit. They also help in receiving the embassy letter as proof of having pension income. The appointment to visit the embassy will be fixed at prior 30days before the expiration of 90days visa. The retirement visa is valid for one year but still, there should be a 90day report in the immigration during their 1-year stay. Once when the 1-year visa is over then they can re-apply the retirement visa for the following year.

Renewal of Retirement Visa

The retirement visa is valid for 1-year stay. If the candidate wants renew the visa then during their stay, they need to renew their visa before 45-days before the expiration date. While renewing the visa the applicant should check that in the account there is TBH 800,000 in the bank. This should be checked before 3 months while applying the renewal visa. Every step of renewal visa should be taken immediately before the expiration of the current visa stay.

The proof letter of bank should also be taken again few weeks before the application of renewal visa. The letter which is obtained for the current stay form the embassy is valid for 6 months so during the renewal process if the letter is been delayed then the letter given before can be shown a before the provide another letter.

Living in Thailand

After all the documentation and acceptance received by the Thailand embassy, the applicant is all set to arrive in Thailand. The locals will guide the applicants and buying a property in Thailand, and they will guide them for all the documentation and also provide them comforting hospitality services. The applicant who is retired is also not allowed to work in Thailand during their stay. During the stay as mentioned above, there is time to time statements to be checked, and also a visit to the immigration office will take place during their stay in Thailand to reassure that everything is done legally and properly.

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At what age can a person apply for Thai retirement visa?

The applicant should minimum be 50years or more to apply this type of visa.

What is a Non-Immigrant OA-Long Stay Visa?

It means the Thailand Retirement Visa.

What type of entries can be applied in this visa?

There is single entry and double entry (couple entry) types of visa.

How long is the retirement visa valid?

The retirement visa is valid for 1-year.

Is the visa applicable only for one time stay?

No, the visa can be renewed again during their current stay in Thailand.


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