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Thailand Work Visa – The Complete Guidelines for The Applicant

Thailand Work Visa

Thailand Work Visa – The Complete Guidelines for The Applicant

Thailand Work Visa

The Thai work visa is provided for the non-citizens of Thailand. It is a work permit provided for them foreigners who would like to work as an employee or start a business. The work permit is provided to foreigners so that they can work legally in the country. When a foreigner works without a permit, it is considered to be illegal. They will be charged with fine and additionally arrested in jail.

Registration of Work Visa in Thailand

The applicant before applying for the Thailand work visa, they need to start the procedure of receiving the initial visa which is the “non-immigrant” visa. This visa should be obtained before coming to Thailand. The application of work permit takes around 7 business days to complete. This process is done by the Ministry of Labor office. To successfully receive a work permit it all depends on the capital registration of the hiring company.

A person who wants to apply for a work permit should have minimum TBH 2 million which should be fully paid in the registered capital. But there is an exception when the applicant as a Thai spouse then they can pay only TBH 1 million for the registration. Whereas, when a foreign business in Thailand wants to hire employees in their business, then they need to pay TBH 3 million for each employee.

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The following are the steps to apply for work visa in Thailand

The applying steps are:

  • Receiving a non-immigrant visa
  • Receiving the Thai work permit
  • Approval of Thai work permit
  • Tax ID card
  • Receiving re-entry permit when extension is needed
  • Renewal of non-immigrant visa and work permit

The visa should be taken 30days before leaving the country. The consultant will also ask an appointment letter by the Thai company to be employed, registration documents and financial statement of the company.

Documentation Submission to Be Done by The Applicant

  • Passport 2 inches size photo
  • Passport
  • Resume
  • Transcripts/ certificates or license
  • Degree certificate
  • Medical certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Employment letter
  • Address in Thailand

The Thailand government will receive these documents from your country’s embassy. You are supposed to pay the authentication fee of your country embassy. Additionally, you are required to translate the Thai documents to your foreign language.

Documentation to Be Provided by The Company/ Employee

  • Company certificate
  • Company objectives
  • Shareholders list
  • VAT application
  • Company withholding tax
  • Financial statement
  • Office map
  • Company director’s passport copy
  • Work permit with affixed signature
  • Letter of appointment mentioning the position and salary of the applicant
  • Employment agreement with signature

Once the permit is granted it is the duty of the employer to have their work permit with them especially, they need to have it with them in their workplace. As per the registration, they can only work in the given position in the company they have only registered for and no other company and position.


What is a Thai work visa?

  • It is a non-immigrant visa given to foreigners who would like to work or start a business in Thailand. The Thai work visa is a work permit certificate.

How long does it take to receive the Thai work visa?

  • It takes around 7 working days from the Thai embassy to give the work permit.

Can a married person apply for the Thailand work visa?

  • There is absolutely no problem for a married applicant to apply for the Thai work visa.

When should the visa be taken before coming to Thailand?

  • The visa should be received before 30 days of arrival to Thailand.
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