Top 10 small business ideas in New York, USA

Are you thinking about the best small business ideas in New York, USA, that you can start now, despite of Covid-19 pandemic outside?

New York City or what we like to call it ‘The Big Apple’. Few months back the city was bustling with startups. Everyday dozens of entrepreneurs used to come up with immense potential and mind boggling business ideas, until the global pandemic struck the earth.

The Covid-19 made lives much more difficult and challenging in this city. Millions have already lost their jobs and many have lost their lives due to this virus spread out. However, it’s not loss for everyone. Few businesses emerged and even thrived during this COVID pandemic.

Here in this article we will highlight the top small business ideas in New York City that is showing impressive prospective in this critical hour. For your convenience, we have even ranked them based on their current market demands and business prospective.

Here is the list of Top 10 small business ideas in New York, USA:

  1. E-trading business
  2. Laundry and dry wash business
  3. Disinfectant and cleaning products retailing business
  4. Digital entrepreneurship
  5. Virtual assistant
  6. Virtual consultancy service
  7. Corporate blogging service
  8. Shifting service
  9. Home-made food delivery service
  10. Online  flower shop

Now let’s dig deep into each of these business ideas in NY and see briefly what these businesses actually do to generate their revenues.

Disinfectant and cleaning products retailing business

The very first idea that we have picked up for this list of top 10 profitable small business ideas in New York city is the disinfectant and cleaning products retailing business. Yes, manufacturing, supplying or retailing cleaning products have a huge market prospective in present scenario.

 Moreover, due to the Covid pandemic, domestic, hospital, corporate space cleaning and keeping the community pathogen free has turned out to be a prime necessity. So, if you can manage a business involving cleaning products, you are at the right track of corporation buildup in New York.

E-trading business

Selling products online has a big prospective in New York. You can literally sell almost anything online, whether used or brand new, Things will get sold here anyhow. Basically, in this business you will sell items which might be valuable to others. The selling portals can be renowned ecommerce websites like eBay.

You can make good use of the pandemic situation and can sell sanitary products, disinfectants and similar items which have strong demands now. All you have to make sure that the product quality is up to the mark and the price is competitive.

Laundry and dry wash business

Despite of pandemic restrictions, the dry ash and laundry business is rolling forward at a fair speed. This global crisis oriented people greatly towards personal hygiene and a great way of maintaining that is to keep the cloths clean.

The busy city dwellers are too busy to spent time on cleaning and dry washing their own cloths regularly. This leads to the laundry business at an impressive height of prospective in this city.

Digital entrepreneurship

As the name suggest, digital entrepreneurship generally means starting web based business. Here the job usually involves of digital marketing, web development and designing, virtual network administration and managerial role.

 Need to understand the fact that, to reach at the top in this sector, you need to have in-depth knowledge and practical experience in relevant sector/s.  As physical offices are greatly challenged due to the virus outbreak, online entrepreneurship in relevant sectors are gaining rapid demands in NY City. 

Virtual assistant company

Next in the list of top 10 small business ideas in New York come the virtual assistant company. The role here is pretty straight forward. Things are not at the favor of physical offices in NY. All staffs and employees are working remotely for their respective companies.

However, the needs for virtual business assistant for companies are at constant demand. As business opportunists, you can make use of this raising demand and start your company which provides skilled virtual assistants to client companies in New York.

Virtual consulting service

Similar to the virtual assistant service explained above, virtual consulting service is also carried out through online live communication process. However, instead of company assistant, here your company will now provide expert business mentors or consultants.

Their role will mostly involve advising and consulting young entrepreneurs, investors, or new company initiators. If your company can come up with expert professional services that facilitate new businesses, you hit the bull’s eye of your corporate career.

Corporate blogging service

Another business idea that literally doesn’t require any financial investment is the blogging service. Here once started the venture, you will write quality on demand blogs for various businesses and companies. Another benefit of this business is that it is fully online based.

So, you can work and can prosper in this new entrepreneurship right from your house. It must be noted that corporate blogger has high demand in corporate markets, but to achieve that reputation, you must deliver quality blogs to your target clients.  

Shifting service

During Corona virus outbreak many businesses diminished and went bankrupt. Although this is unwelcoming for any nation, but such doomsday brought in light another business. Shifting business seemed to get a good boost during this delicate situation.

Shifting to an economic accommodations and transferring business premises to safer location or nation is turning out to be a common these days. Nevertheless, you have the opportunity to take over the whole shifting business if you can establish one with good service review in this city.

Home-made food delivery service

Who can ignore mom’s and granny’s handmade apple pie and other home-made pickles? I am sure not you. There is always a deep craving for home made culinary in busy cities where you can hardly get time to finish up a burger. The city dwellers in New York have these cravings for home made food too.

 If you are an opportunist entrepreneur who can delight customer’s test bud with homemade goodies, than we strongly suggest you to start a home-made food manufacturing and delivery business in New York.

Online flower shop

This is rather a usual business proposition in this list of top 10 small business ideas in New York, USA; Selling and buying flowers are pretty common in New York. Whether it’s someone’s birthday, anniversary, engagements or any other social events imaginable, flower bouquet is an absolute necessity item.

However, the social distancing and viral out break made the physical arrival to the flower shops a bad idea. So, the solution is to order flowers online. Once order placed, supply required products to the client’s address, keeping all health precautionary checked during delivery. 


What are some of the largest companies in New York City?

Some large companies in New York City are:

  • IBM
  • Deloitte PepsiCo.
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Verizon
  • Citi
  • Standard Chartered USA
  • Christian Dior Etc.

What are good businesses in New York during Corona pandemic?

Best business ideas are:

  • Digital marketing
  • Online assistant
  • Personal hygiene product retailing
  • Food and product delivery businesses
  • Laundry business
  • Home grown vegetable selling
  • Cleaning service

 What are some of the highest paying jobs in NYC?

Highest paying jobs in NYC according to the latest survey are:

  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
  • Gynecologist
  • Financial managers
  • Chief executive level
  • Sales manager
  • Anesthesiologists

How many company headquarters are situated in New York City?

According to the reliable report, USA consists of more than 500 giant companies. New York alone has 73 company headquarters running and operating at a full pace.

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