Top 10 Small business ideas in Toronto

When considering top 10 business ideas in Toronto, Canada, present Covid-19 pandemic must be kept under consideration. Nevertheless, this pandemic opened up the door for several new business opportunities.

The government of Canada has undertaken precautionary steps about this global health crisis from the very beginning. The result therefore is now promising, nationwide businesses and commerce have started rolling again. Moreover small businesses have added up along with other commercial ventures to accelerate the economic pace.

In this article you will be introduced with some of the best small business ideas in Toronto, the capital of Ontario province, Canada. If you are residing in Canada, and thinking of starting a source of earning here during this Corona restriction, you should read this article till the end and can select an idea from the list that suits best for you. 

Before jumping deep into each business scopes, let’s first see the list of top 10 small business ideas in Toronto:

  1. Cleaning business
  2. Software development firm
  3. Immigration consultancy firm
  4. Content developing and graphic designing business
  5. Accommodation rental business
  6. Ride sharing service
  7. Rural internet development and supply business
  8. E-commerce products distribution service
  9. Online tutoring
  10. Business blogging

List of top 10 small business ideas in Toronto

Now as you have seen the list of top small business plans, let’s investigate each business propositions and try to understand why these are enticing scopes for budding entrepreneurs in Canada.

Cleaning business

CORONA pandemic spiked up the hygiene factors all around the world. During this virus outbreak, keeping houses, commercial spaces and communities clean and hygienic seems to be a primary necessity in Canada. If you can start a cleaning business in Toronto and can provide superior services, you can expect good revenues from the initial month onward.

Software development firm

When most businesses are running online due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the demands for various remote business management software and tools are at the top. Software development firms are meeting up those demands of the companies. If you are blessed with software development knowledge, consider business where you will develop and sell quality commercial software to various companies.

Immigration consultancy firm

Keeping in mind the fact that Canada is one of the top livable nation in the world, immigration sectors are always remain occupied in this nation. Moreover, Canadian authorities pursue more immigrants due to the low birth rate and population rate in this country. You can easily make use of this national demand and start an immigration consultancy firm in Toronto.

Content developing and graphic designing business

This is another enticing field in this list of top 10 small business ideas in Toronto. Many companies in Toronto seek for quality content developer and graphic designer to carry out their digital marketing campaigns. If you have idea about it, we suggest you to plunge for this business because content and graphic sector have huge demand among companies in this city.

Accommodation rental business

In this business proposition, you rent your spare room or house for an agreeable period of time and charge. Online business like Airbnb has revolutionized this business. Basically, you need to have a spare room or condo. If that is available, clean it up and advertise online. Basically expats and tourists are the main consumers here. You can earn good money in Toronto through this accommodation rental service.

Ride sharing service

You can involve yourself in ride sharing business to earn your food in Toronto. You can drive for Uber, Lyft or Uber eats and can earn money on daily basis. Moreover, this service has its own flexibility and you can choose your preferred time for work and rest. This business plan, however, has a catch, and that is, you need to have your own car in a pretty fresh condition and valid driving license to drive in this city.

Rural internet development and supply business

This business involves development and improvement of internet facilities at the rural part of Toronto. This business should also supply required equipments, tools and expertise etc. Such business has a strong demand. However, this trade may not cost you a whole lot fortune, but you need to have enough on-field experiences in relevant field to establish this business in Toronto.

E-commerce products distribution service

Although all renowned e-commerce services are active in Canada, the product delivery option of these e-commerce businesses is not that dynamic in Canada. Here your business can come in action. The task of this business is to deliver all e-commerce products at the door step of customers. This business is rapidly growing in Toronto and showing better opportunities and prospective in Canada.

Online tutoring

The task is straight forward; tutoring students online. During Covid-19 pandemic, social distancing became a common factor; schools and physical tutoring became pretty much no here. What emerged from this restriction is this online tutoring service opportunity. If you are into the tutoring service, you can give a thought on this earning sector in Toronto.

Business blogging

The Last one in this list is business blogging. This involves blog writing for various companies. You need to ensure more traffic for those businesses which is possible through quality and enticing blogs. If you have knowledge and skills on blog writing and relevant field, this can be the business for you among the other top 10 small business ideas in Toronto.


What are the best businesses in Toronto?

Following are some of the best businesses in Toronto:

  • Real Estate business
  • Daycare, and old age care service
  • Tattoo and body decoration service
  • Beverage shop
  • Ride sharing

What Toronto is famous for?

Toronto is famous for its diverse culture and tourist hotspots such as art galleries, the famous CN tower, Toronto Island and Niagara falls. The city is renowned because of its reputation of being the 4th most livable city in the world.

What types of business in Toronto can be started with zero investment?

Following are the business that you can start with least to none investment in Toronto:

  • Pet keeping
  • Blogging
  • Interpreter service
  • House inspector
  • Accommodation rental service

What are easiest businesses I can start in Canada?

Following are some of the businesses which you can start with least efforts:

  • Virtual assistant
  • Reviewer
  • Bookkeeping
  • Food tester
  • Sells goods on e-commerce sites

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