Top 5 Small Business Ideas in Argentina

With the current Covid-19 situation that affects the whole world, many people have realized that the dependence to only one option for an income stream is not viable for the long run. To soften the financial blow of a pandemic or any other economic downturn, one need to be prepared to quickly switch between their main job and something else that can generate an income.

Having a small business on the side can contribute to being financially independent from a salaried job or a company.

Below are 5 of the best small business ideas that you can start businesses in Argentina. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to make it a full time work immediately. Just build it along with your main job or primary work and see how it goes from there.

1. Running an Errand Service

Many people don’t enjoy doing errands. Going to the post office, buying groceries, paying bills and such, takes time and energy. Some people even find it tedious and boring. They rather focus on things that they are good at and enjoy doing. Moreover there are also people who don’t have the ability to go out often to run errands here and there

This is where you come in. You can be the right person to do it. If you are a problem solver and efficient, all this errands can be done in a jiffy and you will get paid handsomely for it too.

Advertise your services to target people with high paced jobs and/or people with mobility issues (the elderly or disabled). They will be thanking you for doing them a great favour by lightening their burden and saving their time.

2. Editing Services

Many companies around the world are also saving money by outsourcing the work that is not the core of their business. An example of this is editing. Many publishing houses and online or offline newspapers outlet are hiring home based editors in an effort to save on operational costs.

If you are particularly good in grammar, have a better-than-average linguistics skills and have a sharp eye, this may be your ticket to a good side business. There are three categories to editing. Developmental editing, copy editing and proof reading. It is mostly depends on how much changes you have to make to a write up. Some editors specialize in one category but there are many who can do all three. You can also consider specializing in technical document editing.

It can pay a lot once you are known for your work and experience. You can even expand your small business by hiring more people like you and taking a percentage cut from their work.

3. Dropship Business

A dropship means that you are selling someone else’s physical product with a marked up price. For instance, you advertise or sell a product on your website and a visitor decides that he wanted to buy it. He will pay you the price stated on your site and you will message the supplier to send the product straight to the buyer. You make money from the difference between the prices on your site with the original price that the supplier provided to you.

The advantages of this business is

A. you do not need to keep any stock of the actual product.

B. You do not have to have to deal with shipping the product

C. Any complaints on the product can be forwarded straight to the supplier.

This is one of the easiest businesses to start since it is very low cost (if any). You only need to consistently promote the product and build a customer base. Even better if the product that you sell is a recurring usage type.

4. Pet Grooming

Do you have pets? Doesn’t it cost a good amount of money to send them for their regular grooming needs? Well you can join in the business too and start with some basic equipment, skills and training. Once you accumulate more experience and get better known more people will hire you.

You can save o whole lot on overhead costs by doing a mobile pet grooming service and meeting clients at their house. Or if and when you are ready, have a fully fledged brick and mortar store. Pick the right location on a busy street and you are set. One thing about this business is that it is a recurring income. Pet furs and nails will always be growing back

Furthermore, you can expand by creating a basic pet grooming kit for your regular clients, have a facility for a Do-It-Yourself grooming or organize classes that teaches pet grooming to other enthusiasts.

5. Catering Services

Are you an excellent cook? Then you could provide catering for other people. Take it as sharing what you love doing with the masses. It is pretty much a service with low cost overheads in the beginning as you have to only prepare and stock up when needed.

You can start with a weekend gig at first and also just start from your own home with pre-determined menus such as finger foods or sandwiches and expand to more complex ones (honey roasted ham for example) for small crowds. As you get more experience and want to progress further, consider catering for formal lunches or dinners with extensive menus. Make sure you have a bunch of hired help too for these kinds of events. A successful business needs proper promotion to reach millions because only people can help you to get your desire success. List your startup to the business directory for connecting with people and getting better results in the SERP.

A point to note, when dealing with food based services, please makes sure that you have all the necessary health licenses, certificates and insurances. Being sued for food poisoning can really break the business.


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