Trade system and trade license in Mauritius

Trade system and trade license in Mauritius

It is mandatory to have trade license in all countries which also includes Mauritius. The license is issues by the country’s local authorities such as district councils and municipal councils. Along with this the applicant should receive tax account number and the VAT number which is issued by MRA, the requirement is needed for the trade system for both import and export goods.

Requirements of the trading system:

Apart from the above-mentioned statements for trade license in Mauritius, there are other detailed factors which are required in Mauritius to carry out trades process.

Payment in Mauritius trade system:

The payment of the trade system fee of the country depends on the place and type of business plan in Mauritius. The payment is done in local municipal or it can also be done in district council. The list of district and municipal councils can be seen in the portal of local authorities of the republic of Mauritius.

The Ministry of Finance in the country has exemption for SME. The annual trade license come around Rs 5,000/-. In SME there are around 84 categories where 75,000 is to be paid. The measure of payment in annually taken place for every January of the year.

The letter of credit (L/C) is a legal document issued by bank for export guarantee payment. L/C is a mode of payment for the trade system. For this legal document, documents are required along with the shipping commencement and limited liability partnership in Mauritius. Among the importer and exporter, it is the exporter who are required to pay. The documents which is to be given by the exporter are commercial invoice, bill of lading, list of packing, certificate of compliance and origin certificate.

Following table shows the payment to be charged to get the trade license for various trade system in Mauritius.

Pastries (have to pay to the municipalities) Rs. 2,500
License for Annual trade Rs. 3,000
Beauty salon Rs. 2,000
Trade license charge for resellers of books and stationers Rs. 3,500
Bread sellers Rs. 500
Nursery school Rs. 3,000
Florist for selling fruits and vegetables Rs. 3,000
License from municipalities Rs. 2,500
License from district councils Rs. 3,000

Other charges taken:

Online payment:

The city council of Port Louis states have announced that the payment can be done online. This can be done with the help of local authorities and the customs in Mauritius. The online payment can be done in e-service and economic operators from the council. The availability for the registration form can be found at Public Health Department.

Documents to be submitted for trade license:

For online payment and registration form for Public Health Department, the following supporting documents to be submitted;

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