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Cheapest Virtual office Malaysia

Cheapest virtual office Malaysia is smart choice as foreign investors. Having address (of virtual office in Malaysia) is a condition to register new company, sdn bhd in Malaysia. Average virtual office rental Malaysia price is RM 2000-3500 for 500 sft, price vary upon location and decoration. Whereas virtual office in Malaysia (cheapest virtual office) rent price is RM 120, 180, 330 as cheap. Foreign investors can save money and time to choice our plan. Investors who comes to register a private limited company in Malaysia they do not live there. Staffs are hired or, someone is assigned to look after the business in case of small and medium businesses. Big investors do not like always virtual office rental Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia because they like to rent full furnished office by any price and appoint multiple number of staffs. But sometimes in case of branch office opening, cheapest virtual office Malaysia is preferred. It’s smart and cheap price and reasonable for the small and medium enterprises to rent virtual office in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

If you compare price with others may vary from our one as the cheapest virtual office Malaysia and excellent service. As virtual service is not our main service but secondary and being foreigner we like to co-operate the foreign investors setting up business. We are giving the lowest price and lucrative offer for physical office rent price of your small number of staffs (3-6). It’s ready office to be rented with reasonable price/ cost, never offered by other same service providers. Our serviced office is well furnished, ready to be used, convenient location, recognized building (Tropicana Avenue), near airport road and way of Airport to KL.

Virtual office rental Malaysia

Why choice virtual office rental Malaysia? Let, your company has been incorporated and bank account has been opened also. Now, as foreign investors you like to operate business sitting your parent country. Who will receive the documents on behalf of your company in Malaysia? You have no address of your company. Nobody can contact you in Malaysia. In that case, we are responsible to care your business. An address will be given to be used and local number will be given to be used too. Our reception will receive your documents and clients calls and will be forwarded you if your clients or business persons are contacted. You can refer your client to meet at your office, work place address, to business discussion with them. You will have an address of your company to be used internationally. You can have meeting in our meeting room with clients or parties. I hope our virtual office Malaysia is cheaper than others and different.

Virtual office for rent in Kuala Lumpur

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virtual office for rent in Kuala Lumpur

Besides, small number of staffs can be sited together in our office, physical office rent plan by RM 1400, 1600, 1800, 2100/ month.  Virtual office for rent in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is costly too and burden for the small and medium investors. Monthly office rent cost as well as advance security cost shall have to bear if physical office is rented. So, you can choice our plan, virtual small office for rent in Malaysia, to minimize your cost.

Thousands companies are registered per month in Malaysia and most of them are small and medium investors. One reason to setup business in Malaysia is to introduce them with the world and convenient for the clients. Living cost, staff remuneration, office cost and other cost are reasonable than Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Thailand. Politically it’s sound and almost corruption free country and present economy is higher than many Asian countries. Many multinational company’s offices are located in Malaysia. Investors can plan to apply for 2nd home program in Malaysia also. Foreign investors plan to setup business in Malaysia considering entire matter and grab virtual office rental in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

Virtual office price in Malaysia

DescriptionPackage Silver (RM 120/ month)Package Gold  (RM 180/ month)Package Platinum (RM 330/ month)
Company address
Mails, Parcel receive
SMS or email notification
Local & Int. mail receive & forward
Reception check
Local phone number use
Phone answering and on warding
<img src="virtual-office-rent.jpg" alt="SMALL OFFICE SPACE RENT COST IN MALAYSIA"/>

Small office space rent cost in Malaysia

Physical SpaceCapacityRates
Standard1 personRM 1400/ month
Deluxe2 personsRM 1600/ month
Executive3 personsRM 1800/ month
VIP4 personsRM 2100/ month
<img src="virtual-office-in-malaysia.jpg" alt="Virtual office in Malaysia"/>

Virtual office in Malaysia

Decorated office room
Speedy WiFi
Conference Room
Access card
Coffee, Tea, Drinking Water supply
SMS or email notification
Local or int. call on warding
Reception service
Local phone number use
Phone answer, forward

Necessary information to setup business in Malaysia: Company incorporation, appoint company secretary, rent an office, open bank account, remit paid up capital, appoint local man power or assign person to rent virtual office.

What is the disadvantage to rent physical office?

It is hassle to find physical office for rent in Malaysia, within desirable area. Let, desirable office is found but rental cost is higher than expectation.  Office decoration, security advance deposit, furniture purchase, utility bills bear, WiFi expenses and miscellaneous cost have to bear by the tenant.

What is advantage of virtual office in Malaysia?

It is ready office to be seated for the staff (s). No need to tense about furniture, utility bills, furniture purchase, WiFi bills and receptionist hire. Not only that but cost is very low also.

Our services: Company formation, company secretarial, taxation, accounts service Malaysia, audit, financial advisory and virtual office rental Malaysia.

Virtual office pros and cons in Malaysia:-

Where is the best location of virtual office in Malaysia?

Answer: Any place, mean you may find virtual office service in any place where your business is located.

Which place is the best for office location in Malaysia?

Answer: Malaysia is such a country every place seems developed and it’s your decision where business will be located.

Which are popular areas for business in Malaysia?

Answer: Some cities name: Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Johor Bahru, Malacca etc and each city is very large and well developed and will be seemed all of them are equal.

Why KLCC is the most popular area in Malaysia?

Answer: As largest tower, Twin Tower is located and surrounding some other big commercial buildings are located and most of the foreigners (tourists) like to stay in this area are the main reason of popularity.

Should I rent office in KLCC or nearby area for my business?

Answer: No, you may rent office any place from where you feel convenient, costly, customer attractive considering type of business.

What about rent price in area of KLCC?

Answer: Physical office price will be higher than other area and not available of vacant. Virtual office address price is higher than other area.

Can I rent desk/ work station for our 2/3/4 number of staffs?

Answer: Yes, you can rent work station from virtual office service provider as they offer them with lucrative price. You are suggested to ask after price compare with others before confirm of office.

May I get full furnished office to rent in Malaysia?

Answer: Yes, you may get full furnished office for rent in Kuala Lumpur/ Malaysia but price will be higher than non furnished office.

Which one is better to rent office “Furnished or non-furnished”?

Answer: Furnished office cost/ price is higher although is recommended to rent furnished office.

Why virtual office Malaysia is popular service?

Answer: Virtual office for rent in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is easier and most of the foreign small and medium enterprises prefer to rent virtual office. It’s comfortable and needful as virtual office service provider are offering to use address, meeting room, mail box, local phone number, reception service in a package. So, no hassle of rent physical office for business location.

What about work station/ desk rent cost in Malaysia?

Answer: It vary one to another so it’s better to ask after some virtual office and have look visiting their office before selection. Average monthly rent cost might start from Ringgit 1000, 2000, 3000 for ONE DESK (ready desk to sit) and one work station price might be RM 3000 and above where 4-6 staffs may seat together.

What is virtual office mean?

Answer: As practical virtual office Malaysia is a place where business address will be located and physical existence. Tenant may use address, contact number, meeting room upon terms and conditions.

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